Primates in the News Latest news links from WPRC Primate Info Net en-US (Ray Hamel) (Ray Hamel) Tue, 12 Mar 2019 07:10:06 -0500 Primates in the News Video: Infant Gorilla Is Introduced To Surrogate Mother At Jacksonville Zoo (WJCT; 2019) There’s so much that bonobos and chimps can teach humans (The Japan Times; 2019) For the famed chimps of Gombe, human encroachment takes a toll (Mongabay) Chimpanzee gestures ape features of human language (Science Focus; 2019) The real Lorax: Dr Seuss may have based his mythical creature on these moustached monkeys (; 2019) ADHD drug Ritalin has no effect on primate prefrontal cortex (Science Daily; 2019) Salt fiends: search for sodium puts Rwanda’s gorillas in harm’s way (Mongabay; 2019) Gorilla females are key to male success! (; 2019) How playing music for rhesus monkeys is teaching us about our own brains (Salon; 2019) Human activity undermines diverse world of chimpanzee culture (Inside Science; 2019) Indonesia court allows dam in orangutan habitat to proceed (news24; 2019) Detailed new primate brain atlas could lead to disease insights (Science Daily; 2019) Routine allomaternal nursing in a free-ranging Old World monkey (Science Advances; 2019) New species of orangutan threatened from moment of its discovery (Mongabay; 2019) Meeting the gorillas in Rwanda who owe their lives to David Attenborough (Mirror; 2019)