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Compendium of
Non-Human Primate Resources for Aging Research

National Institute on Aging
Office of Biological Resources and Resource Development

Nancy L. Nadon, Ph.D.
Head, Office of Biological Resources and Resource Development
National Institute on Aging
7201 Wisconsin Ave., GW 2C231
Bethesda MD 20892
301-402-5997 FAX

National Primate Research Centers

Wisconsin NPRC
Contact: Joseph Kemnitz, Ph.D.
608-263-3500 Phone
608-265-8439 FAX
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
University of Wisconsin
1220 Capitol Court
Madison, Wisconsin 53715-1299

  • Rhesus macaques (~250 at 15+ years), includes NIA Set-Aside (~45 at 15+ years)
  • Other species including marmosets

California NPRC
Contact: Nick Lerche, D.V.M.
530-752-6490 Phone
University of California
Department of Primate Medicine
California National Primate Research Center
Davis, California 95616-8542

  • Rhesus macaques (~250 at 15+ years), includes NIA Set-Aside (~30 at 15+ years)
  • Other species - limited availability at older ages

Oregon NPRC
Contact: Steve Kohama, Ph.D.
503-533-2448 Phone
503-690-5384 FAX
Oregon National Primate Research Center
505 NW 185th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

  • Rhesus macaques (~175 at 15+ years), includes NIA Set-Aside (~45 at 15+ years)

Tulane NPRC
Contact: Marion S. Ratterree, D.V.M.
Head, Unit of Research Resources, Division of Veterinary Medicine
Tulane National Primate Research Center
18703 Three Rivers Road
Covington, LA 70433
PH - 985-871-6278
FX - 985-871-6231

  • NIA Set-Aside (restricted to NIA grantees)
  • Rhesus macaques (~150 at 15+ years)
  • Other species - limited availability at older ages

Yerkes NPRC
Contact: James G. Herndon, Ph.D., M.P.H.
404-727-7752 Phone
404-727-1266 FAX
Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

  • Rhesus macaques (>100 15+ years)
  • Chimpanzees

Southwest NPRC
Contact: L. Bill Cummins
210-258-9549 Phone
210-670-3323 FAX
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
Southwest National Primate Research Center
7620 N.W. Loop 410
San Antonio, Texas 78227-5301

  • Baboons - Aged colony (~300 at 15+ years, ~70% pedigreed)
  • Rhesus, Chimps

New England Regional Primate Research Center
Director: Ronald C. Desrosiers
508-624-8002 Phone
508-460-0612 FAX
Harvard University
One Pine Hill Drive, PO Box 9102
Southborough, Massachusetts 01772-9102

Washington National Primate Research Center
Director: David Anderson, D.V.M.
206-543-1430 Phone
206-685-0305 FAX
University of Washington
I-421 Health Sciences/Box 357330
Seattle WA 98195-7330

Other Academic Facilities

NIA Intramural Research Program
Contact: Julie Mattison, Ph.D.
Phone 301.435.7637
Gerontology Research Center
National Institute on Aging
5600 Nathan Shock Drive, Box 11
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

  • Squirrel monkeys - caloric restricted and ad lib controls, 3 age groups
  • Rhesus macaques - caloric restricted and ad lib controls, 3 age groups

New Iberia Primate Center
318-365-2411 Phone
318-373-0057 FAX
University of Southwestern Louisiana
4401 West Adm. Doyll Drive
New Iberia, Louisiana 70560

Caribbean Primate Center
Contact: Director or Scientific Coordinator
Phone: 787-784-0322; 787-784-6619; 787-795-4045
787-795-6700 FAX
Caribbean Primate Research Center
Sabana Seca Field Station
University of Puerto Rico, Med Sci Campus
PO Box 1053
Sabana Seca PR 00952

  • Rhesus macaques, 0-25+ years (research on older animals must be performed at CPRC)
  • Collection of skeletons from identified animals within colony

Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Animal Resource
Contact: Barbara Hansen, Ph.D.
727-767-6993 Phone
727-767-7443 FAX
Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Research Center
University of South Florida
801 6th Street S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

  • Rhesus macaques, obese and diabetic aging ad libitum fed, and aging caloric restricted and controls, for collaborative studies
  • Tissue and plasma samples from well-characterized monkeys of above types

Animal Behavioral Center at Medical College of Georgia
Contact: Jerry J. Buccafusco, Ph.D.
706-721-6355 Phone
706-721-9861 FAX
Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, Georgia

  • House exclusively macaques, mainly rhesus and pigtail macaques, both young (5 - 16 years) and aged (>20 years old).
  • Conduct contractual/collaborative research studies on in-house population or animals procured for specific protocols

Vervet Research Colony, Wake Forest University Primate Center
Contact: Jay R. Kaplan, Ph.D.
Director of the Wake Forest University Primate Center
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1040
Phone: 336-716-1522
Fax: 336-716-1515

  • 500 pedigreed and genotyped vervet monkeys in a longitudinal cohort study of risk for chronic and degenerative disease

Other Resources

NIA Aged Non-human Primate Tissue Bank -

Commercial Sources

Charles River Laboratories
Contact: Paul Schilling, DVM, Director of Primate Operations
305-745-3070 Phone
305-745-2130 FAX
24244 Overseas Highway
Summerland Key FL 33042

  • Rhesus, limited numbers at older ages (retired breeder culls)

Labs of Virginia
Contact: Greg Westergaard, Ph.D.
843-589-5190 ext. 23 Phone
843-589-5290 FAX
LABS of Virginia
95 Castle Hall Road
P.O. Box 557
Yemassee, South Carolina 29945

  • Long-tailed macaques - up to 20 years and beyond
  • Pig-tailed macaques - 12-20 year range
  • Capuchins - 12-20 year range
  • Rhesus macaques - up to 20 years and beyond

Contact: Joe Erwin, Ph.D.
301-251-2801 Phone
301-251-1260 FAX
Division of Neurobiology and Behavior
9600 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850-3336

  • Monitoring of health, behavior, and cognition of elderly great apes
  • CNS tissue bank with 50+ great ape specimens (aged 1 day to 58 years)
  • CNS tissue bank of other primate species

Resources available on a collaborative basis. Accepts specimens on loan for
preparation and long-term storage. Seeks additional CNS tissue and information
(registry) of specimens.

Primate Products
305-471-9557 Phone
305-471-8983 FAX

  • M. fascicularis, large quantities 10-15 years of age, few over 15 years of age

Information Sources

For information on a confidential LISTSERV mailing list for investigators using aged non-human primates, email Dr. Nadon, NIA,

Primate Supply Information Clearinghouse
Washington NPRC
Coordinator: Erik McArthur
206-543-5178 Phone
206-616-1710 FAX

--Biweekly clearinghouse newsletter for live animals and tissues from wide variety of sources, academic and commercial, across the country. Available as paper copy or email.

Tissue Distribution List
Coordinator: Judy Johnson
Washington NPRC
206-543-6999 Phone
206-616-1710 FAX

-- Monthly list of animals scheduled for necropsy at Washington NPRC