About TPP: Bylaws

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Article I. Name and Purpose
       1.  The name of the organization is the Theoretical Primatology Project (TPP)
       2.  The purpose of the TPP is to advance and to disseminate knowledge of theoretical primatology, non-mathematical and, especially, mathematical, and other topics related to evolutionary primatology in order to advance the conceptual unification of primatology and the other biological sciences.  TPP conceives its purpose broadly to cover research utilizing mathematical, including graphical and comparative, methods, formal logic, or computer simulation.

Article II. Membership
       1.  At present TPP has one class of membership defined as subscribers to the electronic TPP Newsletter.  Subscribers are presumed to be engaged in pursuits related to theoretical primatology or interested in these pursuits, in particular, from a scholarly perspective.
       2.  If the organization is extant after three years of operation or after the number of subscribers reaches 100, whichever comes first, a subscribers' meeting will be convened at a location agreed-upon by the subscribers for the purpose of reevaluating the bylaws of the organization.

Article III. Executive Committee
       1.  At present, the Director of the TPP exercises general supervision and decision-making authority over the affairs of the organization with input solicited from subscribers.
       2.  Vacancy: If the office of Director becomes vacant in case of death or defection before a meeting of subscribers is convened as outlined in Article II: 2, the TPP will be dissolved.

Article IV: Rules of Procedures
       1. The conduct of any future meetings of TPP subscribers, including without limitation, debate, and voting, shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order, current edition.

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