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Theoretical Primatology Project (TPP): Mission Statement
The purpose of the TPP is to advance and to disseminate knowledge of theoretical primatology, non-mathematical and, especially, mathematical, and other topics related to evolutionary primatology in order to advance the conceptual unification of primatology and the other biological sciences.  TPP conceives its purpose broadly to cover research utilizing mathematical, including graphical and comparative, methods, formal logic, or computer simulation.

On TPP's Web Site:
On this web site you will find the penultimate TPP Newsletter and other archived issues, a links page (to people, places, college programs, miscellaneous links, and so forth), a research page containing both articles and synopses of research projects, and further information about TPP (including the bylaws).

The TPP Newsletter
To subscribe to the TPP Newletter and receive the latest issue in advance of its posting on this web site send your email to TPP's director.

The posted issues can be found at the archived newletters Web page.

Disclaimer & Official Notices
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