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HERPES B VIRUS (Herpesvirus simiae): 1997-1999


Following is a list of videotapes on the Herpes B Virus which are available for borrowing from the Audiovisual Archives of the Wisconsin Primate Research Center. Contact Ray Hamel, Special Collections Librarian: E-mail:, Telephone: 1-608-263-3512, Fax: 1-608-263-4031

VT0105 Herpesvirus Diseases in Primates

VT0158 PT. 1: Practical Methodology: Nonhuman Primate, Part I - Personnel Safety, Primate Handling and Restraint

VT0253 Risk and Management of Herpes B Virus Infection in Monkey Handlers

VT0304 PART 1 The Gross Morbid Anatomy of Diseases of Animals: Diseases of Primates

VT0345 Exotic Pet Seminar: Primates



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NOTE: Dr. Julia Hilliard has published some important papers on this topic and we are appending a bibliography of her work since 1986 to the regular Primate Information Center Topics search.

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