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Primates in the News   News by RSS
Links to articles about nonhuman primates appearing in online newspapers and other news sources.
Primate-News email list
An email list which delivers links to news articles and announcements about nonhuman primates on a semi-regular basis.

Books Received (Primate-Science / PrimateLit)
Information about books announced on the Primate-Science discussion list including table of contents, introductory materials and how to order books from the publishers.
Meetings Calendar
A listing of upcoming meetings, symposia, seminars, workshops, exhibits and other primate-related events.
Primate Blogs
Links to primate-related blogs.
Primate Journals and Newsletters
Publication information for journals, newsletters, and other serial publications specific to the field of primatology.
Research Highlights (Archive)
News briefs from 1998-2000 focusing broadly on research involving nonhuman primates, with topics including primate biology, ethology, and medicine.
Subject Bibliographies in Primatology (Archive)
A series of subject-oriented bibliographic searches produced from the PrimateLit database from 1999-2002.