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ATTENTION: This job expired Mar. 21, 2007 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Veterinary Technician 2

Hiring Organization:
WI National Primate Research Center

Date Posted:

Position Description:
This is an intermediate level Veterinary Technician position providing technical support in the operational needs to the Veterinary Services Unit, a sub-unit of the Animal Services Unit of the UW-Madison National Primate Research Center. The responsibilities for this classification include the following in addition to those of the Veterinary Technician 1 classification. Minor non-evasive surgical techniques (soft tissue biopsies, multiple layer or complex suturing) and assisting the surgeon in major evasive clinical surgeries and intermediate dentistry procedures such as disarming or minor extractions. Provide back up for other veterinarian technicians in times of high case flow or absence. Providing training, assistance and instruction to new members of the veterinary staff, researchers and members of the research community who are requesting orientation to primate use and handling. The incumbent will interact with investigators on a daily basis to coordinate clinical needs of the animals with the research needs to provide optimal outcomes for both.

Must be on call at certain times and work some weekends.


Certified by the state of Wisconsin as a Clinical Veterinary Technician preferred but not required; knowledge and skill to perform: blood collection; endotracheal tube intubation; gastric lavage; sample collection (bacterial, blood, etc.); knowlege to perform clinical triage & initial emergency intervention;
knowledge, skill and ability to perform wound care; suture minor lacerations; knowledge of behavior and health requirements in one or more species; willingness to learn abnormal animal behavior; willingness to learn and understanding of the implications of how disease transfers across species; willingness to learn Laboratory Animal Medicine; general office computer skills and strong skills in oral and written communications: interacts with other members of veterinary staff, caretakers, supervisors, research staff and the general public; strong interpersonal skills. This position requires a pleasant, conscientious, flexible individual open to a wide variety of unique situations, with a "can do, will help" attitude and a "team player" approach. Crisis Decision Skill Ability: It is critical that the successful applicant knows his/her own limitations and what he/she can or cannot do. This includes not only knowing the limitations of their skills but also what decisions or actions may only be done under the direction of a veterinarian (euthanasia, change of treatment, addition of treatments).

Note: Position requires that all allergies to animals must be controlled by medication and an applicant must be tuberculosis negative.

This is a full time position with the minimum starting pay of $15.144 per hour plus excellent benefits. This position is included in the Technical Bargaining Unit and is in pay schedule 06-13. A six-month probationary period is required.

Application Deadline:
March 5, 2007

Application materials can be downloaded at or to request a hard copy contact Lisa Carlson at (608) 261-1172. Send completed application materials to UW-Madison, Graduate School Office of Human Resources, 307 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1380; fax (608) 262-5235; or by 4:30 PM, March 5, 2007. Applications materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the interview process.

Contact Information:
Susan Baculik
1220 Capitol Ct.
Madison, WI 53715

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