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Conservation Manager

Hiring Organization:
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary has an expanding Community Outreach Programme
program that seeks to protect the Western chimpanzee and their habitats by taking a
natural resource management approach to sensitize, conduct research, contribute to a
human-wildlife co-existence and promote livelihoods in Sierra Leone in both rural and
urban areas. The Conservation Manager will develop, coordinate, implement and report
the different programmes and projects led by the TCOP department.
- Coordinate and monitor the TCOP team.
- Coordinate and monitor the Ecoguards and patrol activities.
- Coordinate and design wildlife research.
- Coordinate and monitor the Education Programme (TKEEP).
- Design/ implement and/or monitor the alternative livelihoods projects.
- Proposal writing for Outreach/Research activities.
- Coordinate/ monitor and deliver the ongoing projects.
- Monthly report of the activities and projects.
- Report writing to donors.
- Attend and represent Outreach Team in official meetings with stakeholders.
- Creating and maintaining the partnerships internationally and nationally.
- Coordinate and monitor budgets and financial information of the ongoing

Professional background - Education & Experience
- Master degree or matching experience in Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation or
- Experience in conservation project management.
- A minimum of (3) years of experience working in developing countries.
Experience working in Africa is an advantage.
- Demonstrated experience designing and managing research-oriented projects
- Demonstrated experience leading a teams.
- Field work experience in remote areas.
- Fluent in English.
- Experience in Protected Areas Management is appreciated, including
surveillance and antipoaching.
- Experience working with communities is appreciated.
- Experience managing large team (10 plus) and diverse group of stakeholders.
Technical skills:
- GIS Software
- Wildlife survey design and implementation, including transects, recce-walks and
camera traps
- Cybertracker Software
- SMART Software
- Good data analysis skills
- Good financial tracking and reporting skills
Should be familiarized with:
- Sighting Database
- DISTANCE Software
Personal skills:
- Good leader
- Fair
- Responsible
- Organized
- Able to work in difficult conditions and under pressure
- Positive
- Flexible
- Eager to learn about wildlife laws, judiciary system in Sierra Leone
The team:
(4) Field Officers
(1) Education and communication coordinator
(2) Education officers
(3) Tacugama ecoguards
(4) National Protected Area Authority rangers.
Ongoing Projects:
- Loma Mountains National Park Conservation Programmes
- Western Area Peninsula National Park Biomonitor and ecoguarding programme
- Jaibui Island Community Conservation Programme
- Mobondah Community Conservation Programme
- Waima ? Pujehun District community conservation programme.

This is a full-time, six (6) day a week position. One year contract with possibility of
extension. To apply for this position please send up-to-date CV and cover letter to /

Term of Appointment:
1 year

Contact Information:
Bala Amarasekaran
PO Box 469
Sierra Leone

Telephone Number:
+232 76 611211


E-mail Address:

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