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Primate Behavior Specialist

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Working as the Primate Behavior Specialist with BC US LLC, interested persons would possess the skills to develop and implement cutting-edge behavioral management techniques and approaches to enhance the well-being of non-human primates that will ultimately participate in research projects that advance public health in various settings, including universities, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations. The successful candidate will be responsible for the direction of the behavioral management program for BC US LLC in conjunction with the caregiving and veterinary staff at BC US LLC, staff from Bioculture Mauritius, our Primate Welfare and Behavior Consultant, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders with interests in BC US LLC?s animal welfare program. The Primate Behavior Specialist will be intimately involved in the implementation and maintenance of all components of our behavioral management program, including socialization procedures, environmental enrichment strategies, positive reinforcement training (PRT) techniques, and temperament assessments. A specific PRT goal is to work with staff on training monkeys to voluntarily cooperate with veterinary and research procedures.

The successful candidate will help establish procedures and guidelines for the behavioral management program to ensure full compliance with the BC US LLC mission and the Animal Welfare Act. The ability to work with a wide spectrum of individuals in a team setting is essential.

A H.S. diploma or GED, coursework in a relevant field, and a minimum of 10 years of total experience working with primates, including providing enrichment and/or training is required.


An Associate?s Degree, Bachelor?s Degree, or higher degree in a relevant field, with at least 5 years working with macaques, including providing enrichment and/or training is required.

A combination of education and experience may be considered.

Contact Information:
Thomas J. Rowell
34200B Doctors Hammock RD
Immokalee, none 34112

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