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The California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) is an Organized Research Unit which conducts interdisciplinary research programs on significant human health related problems where non human primates are the animal models of choice. In addition to its major efforts in the area of research, the CNPRC is also committed to its missions of teaching and service.

Under general direction of veterinarians and/or Principal Investigators, performs a variety of specialized and complex medical treatments, experimental clinical research procedures, data collection, and surgeries on research and laboratory animals.

Provide veterinary project support to funded research projects in Neuroscience, Infectious Diseases, and Respiratory Diseases in Animal Biosafety Level 2 and 3 maximum containment. Provide specialized research and veterinary project support in new and emerging areas of research at the CNPRC in the development of new treatments and cures, and assures the animal health and welfare requirements are maintained according to regulatory requirements. Provide project support, veterinary medical and technical support, anesthesia, and assist/perform experimental surgical procedures for project studies.

Use independent judgment to assess need for veterinary intervention. Assist in protocol design, coordinate research projects or specialized area of technical service. Plan and schedule research and veterinary medical procedures. Demonstrate and train others in proper techniques and use of equipment. Monitor animals for illness and injury. Contribute to facility compliance with federal animal and research regulations.

Act as technical specialist to consistently produces quality work while demonstrating exceptional ability or knowledge in areas of specialization such as interventional/preventative veterinary medical care, anesthesiology, quarantine, infection control, or health surveillance. Employee may be required to work with animals/tissue that are infected with the HIV/SIV virus.


Minimum Qualifications:
-Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Technology, Animal Health Science, or Life and/or Natural Sciences or equivalent experience in laboratory animal medicine and research laboratory or the equivalent combination of education, training, and professional technical experience from which comparable skills can be acquired.

-Experience in the command of anesthetic management, pre-op and post case management and familiarity with imaging equipment including fluoroscopy, x-ray, intravascular, and transesophageal ultrasound.

-Advanced training and experience performing acute medical, intensive, critical or emergency care, and animal health monitoring and wound healing and aseptic techniques.

-Experience performing complex animal health technical procedures including endoscopy, surgery and laparoscopy, and surgical procedures including, post-operative support and monitoring, intravenous catheter placement for both short and long term vein access, venipuncture, IV injections, drug administration (IV, oral, subcutaneous), blood transfusion administration, emergency intervention, ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, CPCR. Experience performing standard veterinary medical procedures including but not limited to venipuncture, IV catheterization, gastric incubation, endotracheal intubation, bandaging. Experience with assisting in general surgery and experimental surgical procedures.

-Experience administering medication to primates, intravenously, orally, intramuscular and subcutaneous, and perform venipuncture in both adults and infants.

-Extensive laboratory animal care, husbandry, and infection control practices and experience within a research environment including the ability to handle, restrain, clinically observe and identify health concerns of laboratory animals.

-Experience in research project management principles and practices that include creating project summaries/reports, research data collection, and laboratory protocols/SOP's; and managing project activities and communicating with PIs/researchers and Central Services.

-Experience in biohazard containment procedures necessary for performance in BioSafety Level (BSL) 2 or 3 facility.

-Knowledge of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Regulations and experience in maintaining compliance with regulations pertaining to husbandry/veterinary care and research procedures: UC campus policy, USDA, ILAR, and AAALAC.

-Knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology interventional techniques within the cardio, peripheral and neuro vascular areas and/or respiratory or infectious diseases.

Preferred Qualifications:
-Experience working with nonhuman primates, which include handling, conducting health observations, and training nonhuman primates.

-AALAS certification at the Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG) level, RVT Certification, or Academy of Surgical Research (ASR).

-Experience using fluoroscopy and ultrasound equipment (IVUS, ICE, TEE, TTE, and Vascular).

-Knowledge of interventional radiology techniques.

-Experience troubleshooting and problem solving a diverse array of medical equipment including radiology units, anesthetic machines, autoclave (sterilizer), endoscopes, laproscopes, surgical drills, dental equipment, fluid therapy pumps, EKG machine, pulse oximeter, suction equipment, electrocautery, blood pressure monitor, convection blankets, and nebulizer.

-Experience as a veterinary technical anesthesia and surgical support (pre/post op) in a clinical and research setting (such as tertiary care, critical, and emergency care) in a teaching research organization.

-Experience and specialization in non-human primate care medical procedures, nursing procedures, venipuncture, catheterization, and wound management, and gastric intubation, including initiating emergency treatments/critical/emergency care.

-Ability to perform sedation and anesthesia of laboratory animal, technical manipulations and specialized imaging protocols.

-Ability to teach, instruct, and guide SRAs/AHTs, veterinary students, externs and residents in anesthesia and surgery support.

-Ability to learn new scientific research areas with the desire to utilize training and experience in research project support, veterinary technical and animal care to scientific research.

-Knowledge of animal behavior, care and reproduction including skill to handle and train nonhuman primates.

-Knowledge of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), and USDA regulations and AALAS practices and protocols pertaining to primate non-human animal models.

-Applied knowledge and ability to work under lab animal research and Animal Use Protocols.

-Mathematical skills to enable calculation of concentrations and volumes of samples and solutions.

-Computer skills using standard office-type software and PDAs (word processing and spreadsheet software).

$23.25, Step 1 - $37.41, Step 25/Hr. Salary to commensurate with experience.

Application Procedure:
To view the complete position posting and to submit an application on-line visit; Requisition Number #03024039

The California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC) is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Educator & Employer (A.A./E.O.E.E.) Term of Appointment: Career-Level Term of Appointment: Career-Level Application Deadline: 06/20/2019
Comments: Application Procedure:
To view the complete position posting and to submit an application on-line visit; Requisition Number #03024040

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Opened until filled

Contact Information:
steve O'Conner
one shields ave
davis, CA 95606

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