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Volunteer Field Assistant Positions - Mandrills in Gabon

Hiring Organization:
Projet Mandrillus

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Role description
The Mandrillus Project is a non-profit organisation aiming at longitudinally studying wild mandrills in Southern Gabon. We are currently recruiting Volunteer Field Assistants for our 2018-2019 field season. These positions combine practical research with training and are entirely field-based. The volunteers are trained by and work alongside local field assistants, field managers, sometimes students and researchers, contributing to the research activities of the Mandrillus Project. Following established protocols, the fieldwork will primarily involve daily follows of a natural population of mandrills on foot, collecting data on the behaviour of individually recognisable animals, together with the collection of non-invasive measurements and samples. Please visit the website of the project to get an idea of the scientific programs that are currently running (

Positions available
Two Volunteer Field Assistant positions are currently available, each running for six months from March to August 2019.

Who are we looking for?
These positions are open to all with an interest in animal behaviour and ecology. We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who:
? Are friendly, easy-going people, happy to live in small team at a remote field site
? Are strongly motivated, reliable, honest and committed
? Have good levels of physical fitness and stamina - you will be following the mandrills on foot several hours a day, 6 days per week, over mountainous terrain, in heat
? Show good initiative, with a willingness to learn and show attention to detail
? French is a plus but not eliminatory

What do volunteers get out of it?
? An amazing opportunity to share the lives of wild mandrills in an equatorial forest landscape
? An opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience, especially those relevant to research in behaviour and ecology
? An opportunity to be involved in a long-term project on African wildlife, hosted by an international research institution
? An opportunity to use this field experience with the Mandrillus Project as a stepping stone on to future Masters and PhD degree courses
? Experience a new culture and share knowledge with local assistants

How to apply
If you would like to apply, please prepare a CV and a detailed covering letter that should explain why you would like to work on the project. The CV should include the names of two referees with e-mail contact details.

What we cover
Once the volunteers arrive in the field site, the Mandrillus Project covers all their work-related costs, including accommodation (private equipped room with air-con and private bathroom, shared kitchen) and a stipend for meals (about 200?/month). The association will also cover the costs of the volunteers? travel insurance. On the successful completion of fieldwork, we also contribute a minimum of 150? towards the cost of the volunteers? travel fees.

Application Deadline:
January 22, 2019 è starting date: March 2019.

Contact Information:
Marie Charpentier
MONTPELLIER, none 34000


E-mail Address:

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