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Wildlife Management Volunteer

Hiring Organization:
Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Volunteers are essential to CIWY?s work and are accepted from around the world to assist
with the daily running of the Wildlife Custody Centres, and notably with animal husbandry
and management. Volunteers are normally assigned responsibility for a specific individual
or species group of animals. Tasks vary according to species, site, and current needs, but
typically include the following:
- Preparation and distribution of feed to the animals.
- Cleaning and maintenance of enclosures and surroundings.
- Environmental enrichment and positive interaction with the rescued animals.
- Exercise of animals who benefit from walking and play within the jungle.
- Assisting with any current construction projects, such as new enclosures or trails.
- Other general duties in support of running the centres.

About Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY)

Operating in Bolivia for more than 20 years, Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY) has cared for rescued wildlife, supported the personal development of disadvantaged youth through involvement with wildlife rehabilitation and care, and promoted wild animal welfare and conservation issues amongst the Bolivian public through educational and awareness-raising activities.

CIWY founded and manages three Wildlife Custody Centres located within the Bolivian jungle, where injured, ill or mistreated wild animals receive care and rehabilitation, either temporarily or permanently according to individual requirements. This primary focus on assisting individual animals in need is complemented by advocacy and educational activities aimed at addressing the underlying causes of illegal wildlife trade.

As an important voice on wild animal welfare in Bolivia, and with primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall as patron, CIWY?s mission is to ?provide the best quality of life possible to wildlife rescued from illegal trading, and to diminish animal trafficking through educational programs and public action?.

Volunteers are required to:
- Be at least 18 years old.
- Commit to a minimum volunteer period of 14 days (or 29 days for work with felines and certain monkey groups to offer those animals greater consistency).
- Have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish.
- Be in good physical health and able to work in the jungle. Be vaccinated against yellow fever if working in Parque Ambue Ari due to the location.
- Have a willingness to work hard in conditions which can be tiring and dirty.
- Have a compassionate attitude towards animals and a passion to help!

Volunteers do not require:
- Prior experience of, or qualifications in, working with wildlife. Support and guidance will be provided on site.
- Fluency in Spanish.
- Reservation prior to arrival. It is possible to arrive at the centres and volunteer without prior notification; however guaranteed spaces at particular parks and for specified time periods can be reserved.

How much does it cost?
The exact cost depends upon the centre at which volunteers work and for how long. A two week placement costs between £185 - £240 approximately (1770 - 2270 Bolivianos) and a one-month placement between £330 - £395 approximately (3170 - 3770 Bolivianos).
For those wanting the reassurance of having a guaranteed space at a particular park, this can be reserved for placements of one month or longer, for an additional fee of $100 USD.

More details about costs and amenities at each of the centres can be found on the centre-specific pages on our website

Why do volunteers need to pay?
CIWY is a non-profit organisation that relies solely on volunteer fees and charitable
donations to fund its work. Volunteer fees are a main source of funding and are normally spent within a short time on food and medical supplies for the animals, or the centre?s operating costs. They also cover the cost of accommodation, and at two of the parks meals too.

CIWY volunteer rates are very low in comparison to many other volunteer programmes, and go directly towards funding the running of the centres and care of the animals.

Term of Appointment:
Minimum 14 days; no maximum

Application Deadline:
Positions available year round

Why volunteer?
These volunteer placements are particularly well-suited to students with academic interests in wild animal welfare, animal behaviour and applied ethology, wildlife veterinary medicine, conservation, and related fields. Benefits include:
- Gain experience of working with South American wildlife species, which may include howler and spider monkeys, macaws and parrots, puma and jaguars, tapirs and coati, amongst others.
- Gain insight into processes involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.
- Increase understanding of current and emerging issues and challenges in wildlife
conservation and management.
- Experience the Amazon and jungle living.
- Work with an international team of volunteers and staff.
- Enhance your CV with experience in wild animal welfare and conservation.
In the past 20 years, more than 7000 volunteers have contributed their help and support, with many extending their stays or returning multiple times. Whilst work days are long and tiring, making such a tangible and valuable contribution to the animals is deeply rewarding, and many volunteers find this to be the highlight of their South American trip - and for some, even a life-changing experience.

Contact Information:
Milli Spence, none


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