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ATTENTION: This job expired Dec. 4, 2018 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Head Veterinarian

Hiring Organization:
Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Our ideal candidate will be responsible for offering technical medical assistance in the care, health, and management of primates along with head coordinators of our monkey areas in the sanctuary.

The Head Vet reports directly to the Park Director and President of the sanctuary and would be in charge of completing the following tasks as described:

1. Animal health:

* Monitor the physical, psychological and physiological health of the animals.
* Coordinate the compliance of management plans with area coordinators especially focusing on following the animal health calendar.
* Carry out periodic visits to the management areas in order to observe, monitor, and control the health and well-being of the animals at an individual and population level.
* Comply with the established procedures of quarantine, if you are assigned to the quarantine area.
* Supervise the cleaning and disinfection of management areas.
* Carry out basic laboratory diagnoses. Compile and process blood samples for the laboratory and faecal samples for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites.

2. Animal management:

* Supervise the adequate management of animals, on an individual and group level.
* Coordinate the end of the quarantine period and the subsequent transfer of individuals to other areas with the technical team.
* Organize medical meetings as and when is required.
* Ensure that the animal enclosures (both temporary and permanent) are safe and secure, and that they contain sufficient environmental enrichment.
* Monitor along with area coordinators the safety equipment (runners, collars, management ropes) to guarantee the safety of staff, volunteers, and animals.
* Ensure compliance with protocols of bio-safety in the Centre.

3. Clinic equipment and supplies:

* Maintain, control and periodically review the inventory of:
i. Clinic medicines and supplies
ii. Surgical and clinical instruments and kit
iii. Clinical equipment (microscope, x-ray machine etc.)

To ensure a permanent supply of all medicines and other supplies in the head veterinary hospital.
* Help with the maintenance and cleaning of all areas of the clinic, including paperwork.
* Ensure strict adherence to the established protocols with all equipment and materials in the clinic, following aseptic and disinfection techniques.


* Keep the files on each individual housed in the Centre up to date.
* Keep the influx, outflow and inventory of animals up to date.
* Carry out and write monthly reports and any other reports that your immediate superior may ask of you.
* Produce technical information that will help improve the management of animal health.
* Perform other tasks assigned to you by your immediate superior.

5. Additional roles and responsibilities:

* In certain circumstances (due to an emergency or urgent need) you may be required to help animals that are not housed in the Centre (i.e. domestic animals).
* Occasionally you may be able to get involved in other aspects of our work, for example: public talks and other activities that for part of CIWY?s environmental education programme.

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:

* Be a qualified head veterinarian, competent in routine surgery such as castrations, ovariohysterectomy, amputations etc.)
* Have a high level of spoken and written Spanish and basic English.
* Be responsible, committed and able to work well within a team.
* Be able to work under pressure in a remote environment with limited amenities.
* Capable of managing, communicating and working with individuals of different ages and cultures.
* Adapt to and respect the Bolivian culture and laws

2.000 Bs equivalent to $280US approximately.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
CIWY is transitioning from an all-volunteer organization to one which compensates its employees financially. On top of the offered salary, we provide accommodation, three meals a day, and 2 weeks of paid vacations a year.

Term of Appointment:
1 year

Application Deadline:
1st of december, 2018

Contact Information:
Tania Baltazar
Avenida Integracion, S/N Parque Machia
Villa Tunari, Cochabamba, none

Telephone Number:


E-mail Address:

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