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MRes project: Conservation of Endangered Primates in Ghana?s Rainforests

Hiring Organization:
University of Chester

Date Posted:

Position Description:
One place currently available on this exciting project, which forms part of an MRes in Biological Sciences: Wildlife Behaviour and Conservation.

The Upper Guinean Rainforest of West Africa is one of the most diverse ecosystems in Africa. However, fragmentation and depletion of the rainforest, as well as well as hunting, threaten various primate species including the endangered roloway monkey Cercopithecus roloway and white-naped mangabey Cercocebus lunulatus. Long-term monitoring of these fragmented populations is essential for their continued survival, both to assess the effectiveness of current conservation strategies and to inform the planning of future interventions.

As part of an ongoing research collaboration with the NGO West African Primate Conservation Action, two MRes students will work closely with Ghanaian conservation practitioners to develop and carry out primate surveys using a combination of camera traps, sound recorders and line transects. These projects will aim to assess primate abundance and habitat use in Ghanaian forest reserves for which recent population data are not available, as well as to quantify the current level of human impacts in these areas. The projects? results are essential for the preservation of these primate populations and their highly threatened habitat, in particular by informing the prioritisation of community conservation initiatives shown to reduce illegal logging and hunting in this region.

BSc in a relevant subject, minimum grade of 2i.

This project will involve around three months? fieldwork in Ghana between January and April 2019. Students must be prepared to camp in the rainforest and cope with challenging climate and terrain ? see this year?s students? blog on for more background.

The cost of this MRes programme is £4,263 for the 2018/19 academic year. Additional fees to support this project are required, up to a maximum of £3,000 (specific final cost will be confirmed and agreed prior to acceptance on the project and a £500 grant towards project costs is available).

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
These are included in the fees stated above.

Term of Appointment:
October 2018 - September 2019

Application Deadline:
20th September 2018

Contact Information:
Dr Christina Stanley
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Chester, Parkgate Road
Chester, none CH1 4BJ
United Kingdom


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