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Veterinary Technician (Columbia University)

Hiring Organization:
Priority One Services

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Come join the Priority One team at the new ZMBBI Vivarium located at Columbia University, New York, NY.

SummaryUnder the direction of the Facility Veterinarian at Columbia University, the Veterinary Technician shall have demonstrated knowledge and skill in handling large animals, especially Non-Human Primates (NHPs) and rodents. They shall be able to recognize the appearance of abnormal health conditions and be able to provide routine veterinary care.

Duties: Work Assignments are based on work requirements to meet the contract needs, which may include the following duties:

Routine animal health surveillance and assessment;
Routine veterinary care and medical treatments as prescribed by a Veterinarian;
Diagnostic support to include sample collection and preparation (e.g., blood, serum, tissue, etc.), fecal samples, blood gases, hematology, blood chemistry, urinalysis, radiology, and dental prophylaxis;
Anesthesia support to include induction, maintenance, and recovery of animals;
Surgical support to include instrument preparation and sterilization, animal preparation, sterile and nonsterile scrub assistance for the support of aseptic surgeries;
Routine preventive maintenance of all surgical support equipment (e.g., intensive care units, anesthesia machines, etc.);
Routine injections and blood collection;
Tumor observations, timed matings, plug determinations, and weanings;
Tail clippings, ear tagging, weighing of animals, and implantation of subcutaneous transponders;
Routine serology screening for rodent surveillance and quarantine rooms.
Performing injections, breeding colony maintenance and record keeping;
Surgical assistance and procedural support to include gross necropsy; and
Any other duties or task delegated by contract or university management.
Hours: Basic work-week of forty (40) hours per week with the start and the end of the workday dependent on the contract requirements of the workplace. Hours are relatively inflexible and are dictated by the institutional research schedule. Relatively weekend and holiday work is required. Must be reliable in attendance to ensure animals receive appropriate level of care. Potential for call-in to assist facility or animal health related emergencies.


High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).
Must have at least 2 to 4 years of experience working with Monkeys and rodents species of animals in a laboratory environment or in a professional environment.
Must be Licensed as a Veterinary Technician (LVT) for the state of New York
Literate in written and spoken English.
Good interpersonal skills.
Ability to cooperate with co-workers and function productively with others in accomplishing assigned tasks.
Ability to function in a customer-client atmosphere, i.e., assists the company in providing positive responses to customer needs and delivery of quality services to the customer.
Ability to follow through on instructions.

Salary: $49,920.00 to $54,080.00 /year

Term of Appointment:

Application Deadline:
Open Until filled

Contact Information:
Barbara Rodriguez
6600 Fleet Drive
Alexandria, VA 23310

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