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Orangutan Project

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Position Description:
This position is based at Matang Wildlife Centre. Matang is the only centre on the entire island of Borneo which takes in all species of protected and totally protected wildlife as well as some exotics who have previously been kept illegally as pets. Therefore, the role of a Vet at this centre is one that is both challenging and exciting, you will have the opportunity to use your veterinary skills to help a variety of species from orangutan to pangolin and everything in between. The opportunity to work with this diversity of Bornean wildlife is unparalleled.

Matang is a government centre and Orangutan Project run an ethical volunteer project at here. We are committed to achieving positive welfare outcomes for the animals at Matang and we are able to do this in part via volunteer funds and their labour. We are looking for someone who has the unique set of skills required to volunteer as a veterinarian and simultaneously facilitate short term volunteers to achieve meaningful outcomes for the animals at the centre.

A large part (approximately 1/2) of the job will consist of facilitating and educating our paying volunteers. The successful applicant will need to be flexible and willing to do a variety of tasks which are not necessarily vet specific, but which will help our organisation to achieve our core objective: to do good work that benefits the welfare and conservation of wildlife.

Specific responsibilities:
-Facilitate small groups of paying volunteers on animal related tasks including but not limited to; husbandry, food preparation, enrichment, faecel screens and monitoring of released animals where necessary. (For health and safety of the animals and the volunteers we do not allow our paying volunteers to have contact with the wildlife).
-Maintain animal info and medical database.
-cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment in the clinic area as well as basic maintenance of medical equipment
-Maintain inventory of medical supplies
-Write monthly reports as well as clinical reports for any specific medical procedures undertaken.
-Work with local staff to provide education about animal nutrition.
-Monitor the general health of all the animals at the centre and respond with treatment plans where appropriate.
-Lead on medical procedures and surgeries and manage post-operative care.
-Assist with animal relocations where sedation is required.
-Provide critical care to infant or ill animals.
-Possibly assist with collaring and release projects and subsequently jungle trekking to monitor the animal post-release.
-Possibly assist SSPCA with steralisations and vaccinations of domestic animals.

The applicant should be a qualified veterinarian with some experience in general practise (surgical skills of advantage); any experience with wildlife is considered a bonus.Previous experience living or working in the developing world is preferred but not necessarily required if the applicant can demonstrate via skype interview that they understand the complexities and challenges of delivering best practice animal care in the developing world. The successful applicant should be prepared and willing to work occasional long hours, sometimes evening/night as well as be motivated to trek for long hours in a beautiful national park.

This is a voluntary position without a salary.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
We will provide accommodation as well as a monthly food stipend. The successful applicant must commit to a minimum of 6 months with the possibility to extend. Upon completion of 12 months one international flight will be reimbursed.

Term of Appointment:
As soon as possible

Application Deadline:

Contact Information:
Orangutan Project
Kuching, none 93100


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