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Monkey Caregiver

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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

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Position Description:
Trial Visits and Commitment
We ask that staff and internship applicants come to Jungle Friends and stay onsite for a trial period to evaluate whether you are suitable for the sanctuary -- and the sanctuary is suitable for you. If this is not possible, an exception can only be arranged through Kari Bagnall, our Executive Director.

For internships, you must be in a position to make at least an 10-week commitment to Jungle Friends. The longer you can be here, the better!

Staff positions are subject to a 90-day trial period.

Things to consider before you apply

This is a vegan organization. No meat or animal products are allowed to be consumed, cooked or stored on Jungle Friends premises, and no animal products can be used at Jungle Friends. Jungle Friends opposes exploitation of animals.

For the safety of our animals and facilities, smoking tobacco, consuming alcohol and using drugs that are illegal in the state of Florida on the premises will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Internship Cost and Accommodations:

There is a fee of $100 per week of internship, to be paid in advance. For longer internships, the fee drops to $75 a week after 4 months. Following the trial, the fee must be paid in full in order to reserve the dates for your internship. Scholarships may be available in cases of hardship.

Room and board are provided at the sanctuary for interns. There is a $100 cleaning deposit.The caregiver's work includes:

general husbandry;
cleaning and propping monkey habitats;
food preparation, including special diets for monkeys with diabetes and other conditions;
feeding the monkeys twice daily;
collecting used food bowls and washing up;
observing the monkeys while working, and reporting unusual behaviors or injuries to management;
building & repairing habitats;
performing regular checks of heaters and water systems;
general grounds maintenance;
leading volunteer groups on special projects or unskilled tasks;
other labor or special projects as needed.

You will participate in meal preparation and clean-up for communal meals, and are expected to keep your own quarters and shared living areas clean and neat.

We are looking for very special people for both our internships and staff positions. You must be friendly and have good communication skills, work well with others and have the ability to lead others as well as follow. You must be even-tempered and down to earth. You do not need to have previous experience working with primates, but you must have respect for and love for animals. You must be committed to the job, and understand that certain tasks must by done every single day to keep the monkeys healthy, happy, and safe -- regardless of holidays, the weather or social functions.

The sanctuary is managed by the Founder/Executive Director, who lives on-site. There are generally four to six interns and staff living onsite, as well as numerous rescued dogs who call the sanctuary home. Everyone on site is expected to embrace the communal, family-living style at the sanctuary while they are here. The successful intern or staff member will come to Jungle Friends with an open mind and open heart, ready to work hard and become a part of the Jungle Friends family. The number one rule at Jungle Friends is simple: The well-being of the monkeys always comes first!

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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
13915 N SR 121
Gainesville, FL 32653

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