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Ethical Conservation Course: Changing Global Conservation Realities

Educational Organization:
Reclaim Conservation

Date Posted:

Program Description:
Mainstream conservation is failing to provide effective solutions to global environmental deterioration. At the same time, conservation initiatives are responsible for augmenting social conflicts and injustices. Many conservation institutions choose to take an active role in the world´s destructive economic system, rather than struggle to change it.

This course is aimed at environmental/conservation students and practitioners who are interested in different perspectives and experiences than the mainstream model. A diverse, international group of teachers will be sharing their experiences as conservation practitioners, local activists and academics. They will discuss, in-depth, both the problems and dangers of current conservation trends and the alternatives that exist. Our main goal is for participants to start their careers or return to their work places with a different view on conservation and become part of a network which will help to influence and shift mainstream conservation into higher levels of efficiency and ethics.

The two-week course will take place in Nanyuki, Kenya and consists of theoretical and practical components as well as three separate day-trips to various conservation areas in the vicinity.

The main topics covered will be:
1.Community led conservation initiatives;
2.Racism, territorialisation and economy-derived militarization of conservation;
3.Environmental conflicts within mainstream conservation action;
4.Understanding and investigating environmental crime and corruption;
5.Activism as a way for change;
6.How to create and run efficient, clean and transparent organizations;
7.How to encourage and support community led initiatives and activism;
8.Conservation with reference to indigenous livelihoods, rather than external interests;
9.Individuals Vs. species, issues of animal rights and welfare in conservation.

Entrance Qualifications:
1. Applicants must be students or professionals with studies in natural sciences, sociology, human rights or conservation; be open minded and accepting to different cultures and opinions, and interested in taking part in the changing of conservation realities.

2. Be in good health both physically and emotionally.

3. Have knowledge of the English language at a medium or advanced level.

4. Send a full application

Tuition / Fees:
The course costs $1700-$2000(USD)for international students. This covers accommodation, meals and transportation to the various field sites. Students are responsible for getting themselves to Nanyuki for the course start date.
The course fees have been arranged so tuition paid by international students or professionals will create a surplus of funds that can be used to offset the cost for local participants. We believe it is very important that this course be accessible to local people in order to create a strong and efficient network of people who are invested in the many location-specific issues the course will discuss. We are in the process of seeking external funding with the hope that we can lower the course fees for all participants.

Support (scholarships, travel):
African participants are eligible for a reduced fee, please contact us for more information.

Start + End Dates:
August 28, 2018 - September 11, 2018

Application Deadline:
July 15, 2018

Contact Information:
Nina Poletti, none
United Kingdom


E-Mail Address:

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