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ATTENTION: This job expired Jun. 8, 2018 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

General Sanctuary Operations Assistant

Hiring Organization:
C.A.R.E. The Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education

Date Posted:

Position Description:

1. Daily animal enclosure cleaning

? following safety protocols and standard operational procedure
? the safety of self and volunteers
? collection, care and storage of appropriate tools
? to clean out designated enclosures to high standard as trained
? training and supervising other volunteers as assigned

2. Daily food / bottle /vitamin / supplement preparation and giving to animals
? Ensuring the bottles / food is prepared (or preparing)
? Walking the items to give to individuals
? Feeding specific baboons and reporting back to Management
? Escorting volunteers or staff if requested

3. Daily enrichment preparation and giving to animals
? Ensuring the enrichment is prepared (or preparing) & suitable
? Walking the items to give to individuals
? Giving enrichment to specific baboons (adhering to safety and standard procedure) and reporting back to Management
4. Daily monitoring of adult baboons
? Ensuring health of animals is recorded and communicate any concerns
? Checking for and reporting any security / safety issues or maintenance concerns
? Filling out daily monitoring sheet and handing it in weekly
? Observing that baboons have sufficient water, food, weather cover and locks on doors; reporting issues

5. Driving food within the reserve
? Collecting food from Feedroom to re-stock clinic / MK / main kitchen
? Ensuring food is protected from wild animals
? Driving truck to Feedroom for loading and driving loaded food to enclosures
? Reporting any issues or concerns about food/staff/vehicle to management

6. Collecting food from local stores and farms
? Collecting food, loading and returning to C.A.R.E. and off-loading
? Cleaning truck after off-loading
? Adhering to driving rules (above)
? Returning change / receipts to management
? Reporting concerns to management
? Maintaining good relationships with growers / suppliers

7. Sorting/cleaning/storing food donations

8. Picking up volunteers from the airport/dropping them off

9. Flora collection and education
? Trained to identify flora and fauna and train short term volunteers on what natural foods to collect for the baboons to eat

10. Giving presentations
? Giving educational presentations to volunteers to help train them and promote empathy, support and understanding

11. Supervising volunteer?s/training volunteers on various tasks (once trained)
? You will be asked to train volunteers in many areas of operations.

12. Maintenance and development of enclosures ? project dependable ? can be whole days. Dependable on skills and experience we need assistance to develop and maintain enclosures; enrichment swings, cement, poles, mesh etc.

13. Maintenance and development of grounds and food production ? project dependable ? can be whole days The way that CARE looks to outsiders is very important; we need volunteers to assist to keep the grounds clean & tidy and often have projects to develop areas. Can include weeding, food production, painting etc.

14. Doing laundry as needed
15. Cleaning as needed all areas - As a long-term volunteer you are expected to pick up the slack of short-term paying volunteers (change bins, restock supplies etc.) and teach short-term volunteers so that you are not relied upon to do those things

16. Helping to maintain and improve meal-worm farm production
17. Helping the African Workers to prepare food as needed The workers salaries by law have been increased, this might mean that we will be using volunteers more in food prep in the feed room

18. Waste removal (changing bins etc. as needed) You are expected to empty small bins and replace bin liners when full. And communicate with management if main bins are full. You might need to drive to the municipal dump with rubbish. Clean out bins, keep the waste areas tidy

19. Guinea-pig / rabbit / other animal care You will be asked to assist with the care of all animals at the centre;
? Cleaning
? Feeding
? Providing water
? Enclosure maintenance
? Handling
? Other care

And to help when/ if possible / needed in other areas:
20. Supervising orphans (during all phases of rehabilitation)
21. General plumbing/electrical/building repairs around the volunteer accommodation and centre (we are not necessarily needing an expert, but some experience, basic knowledge/instinct and a willingness to improve is essential
22. Hosting game-drives
23. Weekly shopping (if needed / if trained)
24. Assisting with research as skills allow / training allows

Minimum diploma in animal care / science or construction/engineering related

Mostly we are looking for a motivated individual with passion for wildlife and a positive attitude to help wherever needed at the sanctuary

Anyone in a position of responsibility at C.A.R.E. is expected to aim to improve their general knowledge of captive primate husbandry, rehabilitation, South African wildlife, plants and culture. Additionally, they should be reading about baboons in the wild and the PASA minimum standards guidelines. They should be keeping up to date with the latest primate husbandry techniques and look at ways of implementing them through discussing with relevant staff members.

No salary is provided, but successful candidates will receive meals / lodging / training and 1gb wifi per month

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
The candidate is responsible for their travel to / from CARE, visa costs, medical / travel insurance (essential) and all other costs incurred from travel / living

We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, 1GB of WIFI (usually good connection from Education Centre, offices and bedrooms), training

Term of Appointment:
1 year starting Sept 2018

Application Deadline:
to fill asap

Due to the nature of baboon males being respectful to human males but not being scared to take food etc. from females, we are ideally looking for a male to fulfil this role. Female applicants can be considered for similar roles with a focus being on Phase 1 Rehabilitation

CARE is a rehabilitation centre in South Africa, we specialise in the rehabilitation and release of chacma baboons. Run primarily by volunteers - management are also volunteers. We love people with a positive attitude, zest for life but that are also responsible and easy going. See the Volunteer Guide and Volunteer Pages of the website to get an idea of what to expect and booking travel

Send me your resume to review! Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Contact Information:
Plot 5 Grietjie Nature Reserve
Phalaborwa, none 1930
South Africa

Telephone Number:


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