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Hiring Organization:
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are offering 3 research assistant positions to collect behavioural data on three communities of Taï Chimpanzees in Côte d?Ivoire ( starting September 2018 (for 12 months). The research assistant will also provide training and support to a small team of local field assistants, to collect data with hand-held computers in a cybertracker data-base.

The research assistant will be observing chimpanzees of one of three habituated communities of wild chimpanzees. He / she will be trained to identify the chimpanzees, learn the behaviours, and their way around the forest. After the initial training they will work independently and collect behavioural observations (focal and ad lib data), as well as urine and fecal samples (for hormonal analysis). The research assistant will train local field assistants to collect behavioural data using a hand-held computer with a cybertracker software database. Training of the field assistants to collect data on cybertracker should be finished by January 1, 2019. The research assistant has a supervisory role of the work of the field assistants. At the end of his / her tenure, the research assistant will be responsible to train his / her replacement.

Working as a research assistant is hard work, but it will provide you with skill set necessary for future research with wild animals. This work will provide you with team management skills, detailed behavioural observation skills, experience in living in a remote area in tropical Africa and integrating into an international group of scholars and local workers.

The successful applicant has observed the behaviour of animals in the wild (preferably primates or social mammals) and has experience with working in a remote field site. He / she will need to work independently in a remote and physically demanding habitat. Good social skills are needed to work and life amongst a group of international colleagues with different cultural backgrounds. The applicant needs to be fluent in French and English. Experiences with data collection software (best would be cybertracker) and team management are of advantage.

Research Assistants receive 200 ? per month to cover their expenses.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
We provide accommodation at the field site as well as permits to work in the Taï National Park. One airfare (Germany ? Côte d?Ivoire ? Germany, at a reasonable max.) will be reimbursed after completed tenure. Current living costs are about 120? per month, which research assistants have to provide themselves together with suitable clothing, health insurance and vaccinations.

Term of Appointment:
September 2018 (for 12 months) or a.s.a.p.

Application Deadline:

Applications including a cover letter stating experience, detailed CV, and the names and emails of two referees should be sent electronically. Evaluation process starts immediately and continues till all positions are filled.

Contact Information:
Dr. Roman Wittig
Deutscher Platz 6
Leipzig 04103

Telephone Number:
+49 341 3550 204

Fax Number:
+49 341 3550 299


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