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ATTENTION: This job expired Oct. 27, 2018 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Foster Mum/Dad Intern

Hiring Organization:
Vervet Monkey Foundation

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Vervet Monkey Foundation is a rehabilitation center caring for over 500 Vervet monkeys as well as several Samango Monkeys, the VMF is also a member of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance and holds GFAS accreditation. Every baby season (October-March), the Vervet Monkey Foundation welcomes over 2 dozen orphaned vervet infants whose mothers were hit by cars, shot by farmers or otherwise killed. At the Foundation, these infants are cared for through our Foster Mum Programme until they are paired up with foster monkey mums, usually as early as possible. Once bonded, these infants can then be integrated into existing troops, allowing them to live as natural a life as possible at the sanctuary.

To facilitate our Foster Mum Programme, we are looking for 2 dedicated interns to work under the Baby Care Staff member. Internships of this sort last minimum 6 months.

Key Responsibilities include:
Monitoring the health and growth of the orphans
Training volunteers on correct protocols for the orphans, including milks
Liaising with meds team for changes in baby medications
Updating social media accounts about babies
Writing weekly summaries and keeping the management team informed of progress
Working with integration team to help place orphans in the most suitable family troops
Caring for orphans on night shifts, more frequently than the rest of the team
Recording observations in a clear and concise manner
Sharing your knowledge with other volunteers and being friendly towards them
Attend committee meetings and participate where necessary.
Fundraising projects ? are an essential ongoing need of the foundation and we expect long term staff and interns to participate regularly to help with funding.
Take on other responsibilities to help the centre with funding and progression for the monkeys and the volunteers.

The ideal applicant will be/have:

Patient, reliable, flexible, responsible, punctual and conscientious
Supervisory skills
Work on own initiative as well as in a team
Perform all tasks in the best interest of the foundation, monkeys and the volunteers.
Strong interest in wildlife conservation
Able to work in a hot climate at times
Able to work with people of different personalities and backgrounds
Able to live and volunteer in the same community of people with changeable dynamics
Trust, honesty and respect towards all members of the team
Patient and friendly towards volunteers
Fluent English speaking

Our interns pay a fee for their stay at the foundation, for specific prices please contact us.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Basic accommodation includes - staying in a wooden cabin which includes 1 small plastic table, 1 pillow, 1 mattress, 1 sheet, 1 pillowcase.
There is no electricity at the village but a few solar lights
Electricity is provided at the main cottage to recharge items such as cell phones etc
Eco-toilets and bush showers with hot and cold water
Main meals are eaten at the cottage & are all vegan. No meat, fish or animal products including cheese, milk or eggs may be brought on to the premises. We ask all voluntary staff and interns to lead and embrace a vegan lifestyle whilst working at the VMF.
Cottage area comprises of ? kitchen area with fridge, dining tables, internet, computer, electricity.

Term of Appointment:
Between October- March 2018-19 (Dates flexible)

Location ? Tzaneen:
Climate is tropical being hot and humid in the rainy season, summer Nov ? Feb and dry and cooler in winter May ? October.
Tzaneen is not a malaria area but Kruger park and other local attractions are, prophylactics can be used and obtained via the doctor in Tzaneen if necessary
Tzaneen town is 25km from the centre with a shopping mall.
Approx situated 1 hour from Kruger National Park

Working environment:
The foundation is 25 hectares in size with over 500 vervet monkeys.
Working partly outdoors, supervising and introducing volunteers to your area involves walking up a slight hill
Carry a radio to communicate with others on site
Possible admin ? using a computer database to update records

You are entitled to one and a half days off per week and 15 days holiday per year to go touring at quiet times and providing we have enough cover. Holiday request must go to Josie & the Sanctuary Manager in advance and cannot roll over to the next year without special permission from Josie or Megan. Please note although you have days off, you still need to check the monkeys in your section as you will be responsible for their care.

Contact Information:
Megan Stark
Plot 35, California
Tzaneen 0850 0850
South Africa

Telephone Number:
+27 83 45 45 381


E-mail Address:

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