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Primatological intensive school: Primate Behaviour, Cognition, Ecology, and Conservation

Educational Organization:
Centro di Recupero Animali Selvatici ed Esotici di Semproniano

Date Posted:

Program Description:
The CRASE (Wildlife rescue centre of Semproniano) and the WWF-Italy organise a Primatolology Intensive School from the 9th to the 16th of June at the CRASE station in Tuscany (Italy). Lecturers will be from: University of Pisa (Italy); CNR (Italy); Max Plank Institute (Germany); and Oxford Brookes University (England).
The goal of the School is introducing students to primate behavioural observation as a tool for understanding their ecology and consequently improving conservation strategies.
During the 8 days of the School students will acquire basic knowledge on:
- taxonomy, ecology, and behaviour
- behavioural data collection and analysis methods
- primates cognition, emotion expression, and tools uses
- primate conservation in captivity and in the wild
The School is organized in modules, in order to enable students to acquire an introductory theoretical basis and notions of practical application. Modules will discuss both theoretical and practical topics related to the study of primate behaviour, sociality, cognition, and ecology. In addition, conservation policies and strategies will complement the educative plan. Students will also be introduced to current debates on primate conservation in nature and in the wild.
Daily time will be organized in morning and afternoon section, respectively from 9a.m. to 1p.m. in the morning and from 2p.m. to 6p.m. in the afternoon. Evenings are devoted to complementary conferences, individual study or social events.
At the end of the school, students will be asked to produce a final work in which they should demonstrate the appropriation of conceptual frameworks and practical skills offered during the course. The positive result of the final work will enable students to obtain the Certificate of Positive Conclusion of the course, signed jointly by CRASE and WWF.

Entrance Qualifications:
The course is design for students who are thinking about building a career in animal behavior, focusing on primates cognition and conservation. You must have a marked interest towards animals and hold a high school certificate, beyond be at least 18 years old.

Tuition / Fees:
Students are asked to contribute to housing and organization dispenses with the amount of 1.000 Euros. Early inscriptions up to the end of April will have a 20% of discount (hence the contribution will be of 800 Euros).
Contribution will cover: transport to and from Semproniano (from the Grosseto train station or Rome airport), the educational program, the didactical material, tree meals per day, the accommodation (in a typical Italian lodge, in the middle of the nature and next to Semproniano, a characteristic medieval italian "borgo" with all facilities), and the visit to Bosco Rocconi WWF Natural Reserve.
Students should provide autonomously to their international travel and to their digital devices to read pdf files.

Support (scholarships, travel):
You can apply for an external grant in order to attend the course and we will be willing to help you. Students have to cover travel expenses until Rome airport and/or Grosseto train station, then we will be responsible to pick students up.

Start + End Dates:
From the 9th to the 16th of June 2018.

Application Deadline:
The deadline will be on the 6th of June. Even though, due to the limited number of vacancies, we recommend to enroll as soon as possible to guarantee your place.

Students will be hosted at "La sorgente del radicino":
Meals will be available in omnivorous, vegan and vegetarian options.
Students with families will have specific facilities available.
For any doubts or informal enquiries please do not hesitate in sending an email to:

Contact Information:
Martina Forti, Italy


E-Mail Address:

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