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Veterinarian for the Megafauna Restoration Project at Gorilla Protection Project - Gabon

Hiring Organization:
The Aspinall Foundation (TAF)

Date Posted:

Position Description:
TAF has been working in Gabon since 1998, funding and managing a western lowland gorilla rehabilitation and reintroduction project in the Batéké Plateau National Park (Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG, Gabon)) and has been working in close collaboration with the Gabonese Government to ensure the protection of the national park since its creation in 2002. In Gabon, the main actions to achieve this objective are:
1. Law enforcement against illegal bushmeat trade;
2. Management of a gorilla reintroduction program in the BPNP; and,
3. Monitoring surveys of wildlife and human pressure.

The intern will work as veterinarian for the ecological and health monitoring of primates and other wildlife reintroduced in the Batéké Plateau National Park as part of the Megafauna Restoration Project. The successful candidate will be part of the conservation team and have the following responsibilities:
? Provide ecological monitoring of Mandrills and Chimpanzees as well as their medical monitoring during the soft-release phase and the actual reintroduction in the wild.
? Provide medical and ecological monitoring of introduced Gorilla groups.
? Provide medical and ecological monitoring of any individual of other species reintroduced as part of the Megafauna Restoration Project.
? Provide good health monitoring by carrying out faecal analysis.
? Ensure the management of assigned local staff under the supervision of the Coordination. Manage all aspects of the site and its team, ensuring that medical and ecological monitoring protocols are maintained at all times (Staff & Animals).
The intern will report to the PPG-Gabon Field Coordinators and the TAF Regional Director for Gabon and Congo. The veterinarians of CIRMF and Parc de la Lekedi will act as advisors for the veterinary aspects.
This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in monitoring reintroduced primates for a long-term conservation project in a very remote part of Africa. The intern will have the possibility to face the main challenges connected to primate reintroduction and wildlife monitoring in a National Park in central Africa.

We would welcome someone with a veterinary degree or a student at its last year of vet school. He/she must have a strong interest in animal welfare and reintroductions. He/she should be strongly committed to conservation. We need a good, clear communicator (spoken French; written and spoken English) and coordinator. Previous work experiences in Africa are ideal, but not essential. The successful candidate should be able to work in a multicultural and multinational environment while living in isolated field camps. The intern should be professional, computer literate, open to learning, capable of problem solving and completing a task. The intern would need to be physically fit, with no communicable diseases or criminal record.

This is a volunteer position, no salary is provided. Volunteers would need to cover their own health insurance, VISA , vaccinations and food (100-150? per month excluding alcohol).

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
International travel costs (max 1200?) will be reimbursed by the project after successful completion of 12 months of fieldwork. Traveling costs in Gabon to reach the field station will be covered by the project.
Accomodation: safari tent in a satellite camp. Electricity will be limited to few hours per day (generator). Cellphone reception is almost absent. No internet will be available at the satellite camp. Food deliveries from Franceville on a weekly basis. The volunteer will benefit of one week off every 3 weeks working in the national park. The days off can be spent at the main field station of the project or in Franceville/visiting Gabon. When in Franceville, a room is provided at the office.

Term of Appointment:
One Year Requested

Application Deadline:
Open till position is filled. The ideal start would be in June/July 2018.

You may apply for the internship by submitting the following: your Letter of Intent in making application and your Resume/CV. Send your applications to both and
We look forward to hear from you soon.

Contact Information:
Matthieu Bonnet
BP 583
Franceville, none


E-mail Address:

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