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#152881 - RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 2 Behavior/Primate Resources

Hiring Organization:
Wa National Primate Research Center/University of Washington

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The primary purpose of this position is to provide the appropriate environment to support outstanding biomedical research directed towards significant human health issues and nonhuman primate (NHP) health and biology. In conjunction with our Mission Statement, these values link this position to our purpose as a Center:
? Commitment to Research
? Teamwork
? Accountability - Productivity
? Communication

Under general direction of the Head of Behavioral Management Services, the Psychological Well-Being (PWB) Coordinator (Research Technologist 2) carries out activities to meet the mission of the Behavioral Management Services (BMS) Program. This program oversees the implementation of the federally required UW Environmental Enhancement Plan for nonhuman primates (NHPs) which attends to the psychological well-being and behavioral health of WaNPRC's research monkeys. It also contributes to currently accepted professional standards regarding NHP health and well-being through dissemination of information and publication of scientific studies.

The Primate Center has an outstanding opportunity for a Research Technologist 2. The ability to understand and follow Department of Primate Resources SOPs and specific research protocols is necessary for this position. In addition, knowledge of NHP behavior and strong interpersonal and communication skills are mandatory as the employee will be interacting closely with the veterinary, husbandry, and research staff as well as student volunteers.


Social Housing Program
?Investigate project assignment and blood borne pathogen status of prospective social partners.
?Communicate with investigators and research staff about potential partners and project schedules.
?Select appropriate social partners.
?Write procedure requests for moving selected monkeys into appropriate caging arrangements.
?Send out social contact notices and updates to research and DPR staff.
?Conduct formal social introduction observations and follow-up compatibility assessments.
?Investigate any reports of social incompatibility.
?Input moves and housing type changes into the Animal Research Management System (ARMS).
?Create and update social contact signs for each animal housing room.
?Enter data regarding social introductions and interactions into the social contact database.
?Provide social housing updates to the Animal Program Veterinarian regarding social housing exemptions.

PWB Related Activities
?Determine activity cage rotation.
?Note any abnormal behaviors during routine duties in animal rooms, notify the facility veterinary staff, facility manager, Behavior Case Manager, and enter into the appropriate database.
?Provide input to tissue distribution program coordinator.
?Compile produce and dry goods order for primary work location each week; be backup order-placer to primary order-placer.
?Aid in the management of environmental enrichment inventory (toys, devices). Count, sort, clean, distribute, and store upon arrival.
?Ensure an ample supply of foraging treats. (i.e., making, distributing, and monitoring frozen foraging items).
?Stock, organize, and clean the environmental enrichment (EE) kitchen.
?Distribute and track the use of special enrichment (foraging boards, paint rollers, audio/visual enrichment, etc).
?Distribute and collect the EE calendars and tabulate metrics quarterly.
?Perform standardized behavioral observations and data collection per approved SOPs and policies.
?Provide back-up for other members of the psychological well-being/behavior management team as needed.
?Develop and update appropriate SOPs, schedules, forms, and spreadsheets.
?Maintain the EE schedule.
?Respond to concerns about animal behaviors from other staff members and investigators.
?Provide PWB information on animals transferred to other facilities.
?Provide social information for animals to be assigned to new projects.

Research activities
?Under the general supervision of the program head, assist in conducting research projects, including determining most suitable methods to be used.
?Independently conduct behavioral observations of animals or collection of other sample data using standardized methods.
?Perform scientific and clinical investigative procedures requiring application of professional judgment and interpretation of data to determine whether the psychological well-being and behavioral health of WaNPRC's NHPs is being met.
?Assist in the management, organization and interpretation of experimental and colony management data.
?Contribute to currently accepted professional standards by conducting literature reviews and participating in publishing of significant and relevant research on psychological well-being and environmental enrichment topics.

Other Assignments
?Accompany site visitors if required to explain the PWB Program.
?Attend weekly Behavioral Management Services lab meetings and other meetings as needed.
?Stay current on all required training.
?Perform other duties as assigned.

A Bachelors Degree (BA or BS) in an appropriate field of science, such as Psychology, Anthropology, Zoology, or Biology.

Equivalent education/experience
?At least two years? experience working with non-human primates, including environmental enrichment of laboratory primates.
?Ability to work effectively and with sensitivity and discretion in an animal model research setting.
?Must be familiar with observing non-human primate behavior and be committed to promoting primate well-being.
?Desktop computing skills including word processing, spreadsheet design, making graphs, data sheet design, database utilization (e.g., ARMS).
?Familiar with Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook).
?Demonstrated ability to work reliably, consistently, independently, and with attention to detail.
?Understand and follow established written protocols and schedules.
?Follow sanitary practices to keep the animals healthy and the employees safe.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except where there are legal requirements such as license/certification/registration.

Desired Experience
?Experience with nonhuman primate behavior research, including writing reports on behavioral observations.
?Familiarity with ?The Observer? behavioral observation software.
?Written and oral communication skills.
?Familiarity with environmental enrichment and psychological well-being issues.
?Experience working well with people of different personalities, education, and cultural backgrounds as well as working in a fast-paced, multi-task setting.
?Familiarity with U.S. Animal Welfare Regulations.
?AALAS certification

Conditions for Employment

Lift a minimum of 50lbs.

Contact with animals.

Employment is contingent upon successful completion of health assessment at the UW's Employee Health Clinic. The health assessment may include but is not limited to tuberculosis clearance, measles clearance, immunizations such as tetanus and vaccinia, physical exam and/or review of work health history, x-rays, and/or assessment to wear positive or negative respiratory protective equipment. These health assessments will be repeated periodically during work assignment.

This position may be required to work with and take specific precautions against and/or be immunized against potentially infectious agents. Specific precautions may include wearing respirators and/or protective clothing. Employee is personally responsible for following health & safety and security policies/procedures, and staying current on all required training. Bloodborne pathogen training and compliance with all WaNPRC and UW security policies is also mandatory. This position involves handling nonhuman primates and human pathogenic organisms. The ability to work in an ABSL-3 containment facility may be required.


Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):

Term of Appointment:
100% FTE

Application Deadline:

Applications must be submitted in the University of Washington UW Hires System

Contact Information:
UW Hires/Sabina McCoy
Seattle, WA


E-mail Address:

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