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Date Posted:

Position Description:
We need a veterinary in a rescue center in Rurrenabaque, departamento del Beni (Bolívia).

The center is located close by the community Tacana Villa Alcira, 15 minutes by boat from Rurrenabaque. There is no connection to internet, and electricity depends on sun activity.

Veterinary tasks include mainly treatments, minor surgeries, coprologic studies and field assistance when needed. Parasite infections, penetrating woulds due to monkey bites are common.

Also we would need your daily participation in animal care tasks and center maintenance. In those conditions, the veterinary has to be aware of all care tasks in the center.

For all questions will be necessary to perform a Skype interview.

1. Veterinary degree it's needed.
2. Experience in wildlife management (preferably knowledge of primates).
3. Good command of English (spoken and written), knowledge of Spanish is a huge benefit.
4. Excellent organisational and communication skills and ability to multi-task.
5. Physically able to work in a humid climate.
6. Ability to live under simple conditions.
7. Improvisation and adaptability to changes.

No salary

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There is connection by boat to the nearest town Rurrenabaque.

Term of Appointment:
As soon as possible

Application Deadline:
February 2018

Contact Information:
Carles Conejero

Telephone Number:
+34 627220652


E-mail Address:

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