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Volunteer research assistant for data analysis

Hiring Organization:
Department of Comparative Cognition, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are seeking a volonteer research assistant to analyse and code video material of chimpanzees? social interactions. The research project concerns the study of joint action coordination in apes. The candidate will be responsible for annotating behaviours and communicative signals used to coordinate affiliative social interactions such as grooming.

Bachelor or master degree in Animal Behaviour, Psychology, Comparative Cognition, Linguistics, or any relevant field.
Experience with animal or human behaviour (knowledge of ape behaviour is a plus) and video analyses.
Ability to perform meticulous observations and annotations with careful attention to detail and patience.
Collaborative personality, ability to follow instructions and work independently. Strong command of English as a spoken as well as a written language. Knowledge of French would be appreciated but not mandatory.

Term of Appointment:
January to May 2018

Application Deadline:
December 22, 2017

Contact Information:
Emilie Genty
rue Emile Argand 11
Neuchâtel, none 2000

Telephone Number:
+41 32 718 2113


E-mail Address:

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