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ATTENTION: This job expired Feb. 5, 2018 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Digital Communications Volunteer Officer at the Limbe Wildlife Centre

Hiring Organization:
Pandrillus Foundation

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Limbe Wildlife Centre

The Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) was established in 1993 as a much-needed rescue centre for endangered animals. The centre supports enforcement of Cameroon?s wildlife laws by providing a long-term solution for wildlife that has been poached and held illegally, and subsequently confiscated by our government partners. LWC is collaborative effort between the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) and the Pandrillus Foundation, an US non-profit NGO. Public education remains a central pillar of the LWC?s work. We conduct an extensive conservation outreach programme, reaching each year more than 1,000 schoolchildren, 50,000 visitors and 500 community partners.
Currently, we provide care for more than 250 animals, of which 230 primates, including the critically endangered gorilla, endangered chimpanzee, drill and Preuss's monkey. LWC aims at insuring the survival of rescued animals and to release them back into the wild to serve as a species conservation tools and to contribute to restore the ecosystem in a sustainable way. Each year about a hundred individuals of species protected by Cameroonian wildlife law are released, including the endangered African grey parrot, the vulnerable Home's ringed tortoise and dwarf crocodile.

We are always looking for dedicated, hard-working volunteers to improve the lives of the animals under our care!

Background to the role
We are looking for a creative, motivated, enthusiastic individuals who is eager to gain insight and experience in the charity and voluntary sector of biodiversity conservation and animal well-being. As the Limbe Wildlife Centre, we communicate with thousands of supporters: individuals, institutions, and local and international companies.

The volunteer will work to develop a communication, marketing and fundraising strategy under the supervision of the Country Director and the Assisting Manager and in close collaboration with the Fundraising and Marketing Volunteer Officer. The Digital Communications Volunteer Officer, with the Fundraising and Marketing Volunteer Officer, will be responsible for implementing the strategy using digital and social medias, organizing fundraising campaigns, advocating for wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, identifying and engaging local and international companies in corporate social responsibility towards people depending on wildlife, designing education outreach material.

The Digital Communications Volunteer Officer will play a key role in designing and implementing the Action Plan for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, the most popular international football competition of the continent. This event will represent a unique opportunity to advocate the missions of the Limbe Wildlife Centre, raise large awareness of the immense threat to wildlife, promote and engage people in supporting effective conservation actions.

The volunteer will also devote a part of her/his time to train a local staff and therefore ensure long-term capacities of the LWC to be visible.

During your volunteering you could spend your time being involved in:
- Updating social media platforms, including sourcing and creating content.
- Working with the Assisting Manager to research and develop our digital activity
- Supporting the monitoring and evaluation of our digital activity
- Working with the Assisting Manager to writing copy for email and direct mail campaigns
- Helping to create and develop our campaigns
- Increase visibility of the missions and activities of the LWC
- Research blogs/channels to identify collaborative opportunities
- Delivering Public Relations plans, including developing messages, general copywriting, writing content for the website, liaising with journalists and sourcing media comments
- Providing fundraising support and manage relationships with a wide range of our supporters
- Writing and create fundraising communication and marketing to help promote and celebrate fundraising opportunities through digital media, social media, print and press advertising
- Contributing to the recruitment and management of key celebrities, and act as the departmental point of contact for celebrity supporters and agents.

The skills and experience we are looking for
- Motivation and enthusiasm for working in a digital communications role in a membership body.
- Motivation and passion to participate and help a wildlife conservation programme.
- An interest in the charity sector and fundraising
- Strong inter-personal skills for evolving in a multi-cultural environment in Africa
- Conversant in, and enthusiastic about, using social media platforms, ideally in a workplace or volunteer role
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills; be able to articulate clearly verbally
- Excellent writing and editing skills, in French and in English
- Confident working independently as well as collaboratively
- Creative

What you can gain from the role
- Gain experience of creating media rich content such as videos and infographics
- Specific experience in direct marketing and social media communications and campaigns
- A chance to develop your research and communications skills in the workplace
- A chance to learn lots as part of a small tight-knit team
- An increased understanding and knowledge of the fundraising sector
- A chance to play an active role in African wildlife conservation by assisting in the care of 230 Primates, including 15 gorillas, 52 chimpanzees and 86 drills who have been orphaned by the bush meat trade.

Allowance may be provided depending on the funds raised for the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
This is a volunteer role. Accommodation with cleaning and security services is provided in the volunteer house, local food lunches are provided during working days. The volunteer is responsible for her/his travel expenses to and from Limbe, Cameroon, visa fees and vaccination.

Term of Appointment:

Application Deadline:
when we found the volunteer

Please send your CV with covering letter of application to

Your letter of application should detail:
- How your skills and experience fit what we are looking for
- Why you are interested in this volunteering opportunity
- Your availability

Contact Information:
Peggy Motsch
P.O. Box 878
Limbe, South West Region


E-mail Address:

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