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ATTENTION: This job expired Nov. 23, 2017 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Animal Care Supervisor - Breeding Colony

Hiring Organization:
Tulane National Primate Research Center - Covington, LA

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Supervises the daily operation of animal care facility, multiple small facilities or breeding colony area. Assists investigative and veterinary staff. Observes animals for signs of illness, trauma, or social instability and reports abnormalities to the appropriate veterinary staff. Monitors the administration of special diets and medication. Supervises the maintenance of research animals, their cages, and facilities. Ensures that the facility complies with federal animal and research regulations. Maintains daily records pertaining to animal care. Complies with OSHA standards and other applicable federal and state regulations when working with hazardous chemicals, materials, animals and power equipment. Monitors environmental conditions in animal housing facilities and inspects the condition of facilities and equipment for cleanliness and proper operation. Collects medical specimens. Trains and supervises animal care staff. Responsible for providing employee performance evaluations for supervised animal care staff.

Provides input for management of Animal Resources (staffing and practices). May be required to carry a cellphone and be on after hours call. Performs related responsibilities as required.

Employees in this classification may be required to work with, take specific cautions against and/or be immunized against potentially hazardous agents. Weekend work and overtime hours are a requirement of this position. Responsible for assessing and maintaining security of animals in their primary enclosure. May be designated as essential personnel during a storm/natural disaster. If required to work during a closure, employee must provide accurate and current contact information and is responsible for maintaining communication with TNPRC.

Proven ability to follow oral and written instructions
Ability to lift items weighing up to 50 lbs
Must have basic computer skills
Excellent organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines
Must have the ability to work with nonhuman primates and other laboratory animal species without jeopardizing the health of said nonhuman primates and other laboratory animal species
The TNPRC maintains biosafety level 3 facilities and performs work on diverse infectious agents many of which can cause serious disease in humans if standard operating procedures, including use of appropriate personal protective equipment, are not followed
Depending on agent specific risk assessments individuals may be offered, or in some cases required to have vaccinations against the relevant agents

Minimum Education

High school diploma or equivalent and six years of animal husbandry or related animal care experience required


Bachelors degree in a biological science and two years of animal husbandry or related animal care experience required


Graduation from a two-year veterinary technician program and two years experience required OR Five years of animal experience and certification as an AALAS Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATg)required

To apply please go to
search Covington, LA

Contact Information:
cathy tsagournos
18703 Three Rivers Road
Covington, LA 70433

Telephone Number:

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E-mail Address:

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