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Primate rehabilitation, enrichment, care, reintroduction, & conservation

Date Posted:

Position Description:
I am looking for a position that will strengthen my skills with primate husbandry. My passions, as well as the areas of which I have experience in, include primate rehabilitation, enrichment, care, reintroduction, and any job that involves any of those characteristics would help me to reach my future goals. As a recent graduate my goals are to contribute to primate conservation. I am hoping to one day either complete a master\'s degree in primate behavior, a doctorate in veterinary sciences, or focus on a career in my field. I want a position that I will learn from and which will help me grow as a primatologist. Likewise, I am a hard worker and have spent extensive time abroad and would feel at home at a sanctuary or research site. I prefer working with people, especially those with more experience and knowledge than I have.

Educational Background:
My resume`

Harmony Brooke Jordan
(401) 626-5005
Oneonta, NY 13820

Hartwick College; Oneonta, NY May 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences and Policy, honors program
Biology Thesis in Chimpanzee Behavior with a Reference to Reintroduction
Awarded the Lewis Henry Morgan Award for the highest GPA for a freshman Anthropology Major
Treasurer of Anthropology Club
Co-president of the Pine Lake Club
Alpha Lambda- Anthropology Honors Society
Beta Beta Beta- Biology Honors Society
Received Emerson Internship Abroad Scholarship for the Summer of 2016

Animal Experience:
Intern, Ape Action Africa Sanctuary; Mefou, Cameroon June-August 2016
Cleaned enclosures and satellite cages of adolescent Chimpanzees and Gorillas
Provided apes and old world monkeys with enrichment
Helped provide proper diets for primates on site
Researched how to incorporate protein into a meatless primate diet for the sanctuary
Conducted a behavior analysis of chimpanzees in two enclosures

Intern, Veterinary Clinic; Thimphu, Bhutan October-December 2015
Vaccinated domestic animals
Assisted with and observed spays and neuters
Provided wound care for domestic animals
Sterilized work areas
IV placement

Intern, Animal Compassion Center; Thimphu, Bhutan October- December 2015
Provided animal care such as feeding, cleaning and enrichment for domesticated and wild animals (Macaques)
Assisted with and observed surgeries
Learned tactics to maximize tools and resources to increase rehabilitated animals standard of living as much as possible

Intern, Animal Rescue Center; Thimphu, Bhutan August-October 2015
Cared for Birds and Bears in the process of rehabilitation
Requested grants for money to fund new bear sanctuary
Assisted with releases of birds and bears

Intern, Takin Preserve; Thimphu, Bhutan August-October 2015
Observed Takin behavior
Worked with zoo patrons
Conducted statistical analysis of patrons of the preserve

International/Off Campus Experience:
Hartwick College; Multiple cities, Arizona January 2017
Faculty-led credit-bearing course on sustainability

DANTA: Assoc. for the Conservation of the Tropics; Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica January 2016
Primate Behavior Field Course

Royal Thimphu College; Thimphu, Bhutan Fall 2015
Semester abroad studying Environmental Science

Hartwick College; Cluj, Romania January 2015
Faculty-led credit-bearing course on the Ceausescu regime, political prisons, and Eastern European business

Hartwick College; multiple cities, South Africa January 2014
Faculty-led credit-bearing course on South African History and Culture with a focus on Apartheid
Organized shoe drive in Wakefield, RI; donated shoes to South African orphanage

World Challenge; Multiple cities, Nicaragua February 2013
Hiking and service project expedition

Students on Ice; Arctic Circle (Baffin Island and Greenland) Summer 2012
$13,000 scholarship to study climate change, biology, and arctic culture

Additional Work Experience:
Waitress: Tiger Asia Sushi Bar; Oneonta, NY September 2017 - present
Served tables, suggested menu items including food, wine and sake. Created a welcoming environment for customers to return to repeatedly.

Waitress: Stella Luna Restaurant; Oneonta, NY September 2016 - Present
Served tables
Cleaned dishes, silverware, glassware and dining rooms
Learned how to sample wines and suggest them to customers
Created a welcoming environment for customers to return to repeatedly

Telemarketer: Allstate Insurance; Hope Valley, RI May -July 2015
Call customers and suggest quotes
Secretarial work

Helper: Weedweavers; Wakefield, RI May- August 2014
Scheduled meetings with Brides
Landscaping and Gardening
Farm animal handling
Talking with customers and created looks that were beautiful as well as memorable in the forms or centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more

Sales Representative: Vector Marketing; Johnston, RI May- August 2014
$12,836 in Sales during summer of 2014
$6,000 push period
#1 in office for the summer
#4 in office for 2014

Ski Instructor: Yawgoo Valley Ski School; Exeter, RI November 2009- March 2013
Taught children between the ages of 1.5 and 15 years old
Taught children with special needs
Scheduled appoints with parents
Created a happy and safe environment for children to learn in

*refer to resume`*

Application Deadline:

Please contact me if you feel I would be a good candidate for your organization or company. I am also willing to apply to any paid internship, or one that involves a stipend. Thank you for your consideration.

Contact Information:
Harmony Jordan
Oneonta, New York 13820

Telephone Number:
401 626 5005

E-mail Address:

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