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Head, Behavioral Science

Hiring Organization:
Primate Products

Date Posted:

Position Description:

Implements and improves environmental enhancement plan for all nonhuman primates housed at Primate Products.


1.Assures compliance with Environmental Enhancement Plan for the Psychological Well-Being of Nonhuman Primates and corresponding Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

2.Oversees staff that acquires, prepares, distributes, and maintains all enrichment items, including food items such as produce, for all animals housed at Primate Products.

3.Directs activities as it relates to animal socializations (i.e. pairs or groups), and completes related documentation.

5.Performs behavioral observations and temperament evaluations, both of individual animals and groups, when necessary and/or requested.

6.Implements behavioral treatment plans for animals that have been exhibiting abnormal behaviors.

7.Responsible for developing, reviewing and revising environmental enhancement SOPs and forms.

8.Develops and evaluates new enrichment items or methods for implementation at Primate Products.

9.Takes the lead role in overseeing the Primadaption workshops held at Panther Tracks Learning Center.

A minimum of a bachelors degree with a background in working with and providing for non-human primates

Experience working effectively with a team of diverse personnel

Ability to work independently in accordance with Primate Product's mission while developing a team environment in a relatively remote location.

Commensurate with experience

Contact Information:
Thomas J Rowell
PO Box 1588
Immokalee, FL 34143

Telephone Number:


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