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Advanced Primate Behavior & Ecology and graduate program pilot study site in Costa Rica or Nicaragua

Educational Organization:
Maderas Rainforest Conservancy

Date Posted:

Program Description:
Have you already completed the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy Primate Behavior & Ecology field school, but want to come back to do a larger-scale project?

Are you a graduate student in primatology looking for a research site at which to conduct your pilot study with some on-the-ground supervisory support?

Apply now for Maderas Rainforest Conservancy's Advanced Primate Behavior & Ecology course. Students will design and undertake an independent project in primatology.

Winter 2017 and summer 2018 sessions are available in Ometepe, Nicaragua and La Suerte, Costa Rica:

In Ometepe, Nicaragua:
Winter: December 27, 2017 (fly in) to January 7, 2018 (fly out)

In La Suerte, Costa Rica:
Summer 2018 session A: June 21 (fly in) to July 17 (fly out)
Summer 2018 session B: July 19 (fly in) to August 14 (fly out)

Students are welcome to apply to stay for both summer sessions.

La Suerte is home to mantled howler monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and spider monkeys, while Ometepe is home to mantled howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys.

Entrance Qualifications:
Past completion of the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy Primate Behavior & Ecology field school, OR being a current graduate student (MSc or PhD) in primatology with substantive previous field experience.

For more information and to apply, visit

Tuition / Fees:
$2 095 USD for course tuition, meals, lodging at the research station, and in-country group transportation. Airfare is an additional cost.

Contact Information:
Dr. Laura Bolt

E-Mail Address:

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