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Conservation Volunteer / Intern

Hiring Organization:
Samango Monkey Field Work - FREEME, KZN (NPO/PBO)

Date Posted:

Position Description:
GET INVOLVED AND CONTRIBUTE TO THE PRESERVATION AND MANAGEMENT OF ENDANGERED SAMANGO MONKEYS!Conservation Volunteers are needed for a samango monkey research project based in the Midlands, KZN in South Africa. INTRO: Habitat loss and fragmentation is the single greatest threat to primate populations worldwide, with nearly half of all species listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. The samango monkey is South Africa's only exclusively forest dwelling primate. It has been identified that further research into the genetics, distribution and behavioral ecology of Samango Monkeys is needed in order to ascertain the extent to which human intervention has impacted on this species and the forest areas it is dependent on. South African forests are characterized by a highly fragmented distribution and are the countries smallest biome, covering only about 0.1% of the country (1 062 km2).
The samango is restricted to forests hence its vulnerable status. It is currently accepted that samango populations in South Africa have declined by over largely due to habitat loss and fragmentation.
STATUS: The nationally classified endangered sub-species, C. m. Labiatus which resides in our study area will be the focus of our research.
METHODOLOGY: The methodology used to collect data on samango monkey populations will be non-invasive. Trail cameras, scan sampling, and fecal DNA collecting will be some of the methods used.

There are no official prerequisites for our program. Students need a desire to learn, a passion for primates and wilderness, motivation to work in the field in sometimes uncomfortable conditions, and the ability to hike in rough terrain.

A donation of 990ZAR - for our two-week program- is required to cover costs of accommodation, transport and basic food needed.If you are wanting to visit this project for longer than two weeks, we do have a different program which requires less cost to you so please contact us for more information if you prefer to visit us for more than one month. Trips to and from Durban airport will be an additional cost small cost.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Volunteers will be housed in self-catering accommodation comprised of two cabins at Freeme Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, KZN for the two-week program. Interns wanting to work with us for longer than one month are requested to contact us for information regarding accommodation and costs. Email us to book or to find out more about this program at:

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Contact Information:
Karin Saks 3290
South Africa


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