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ATTENTION: This job expired Apr. 23, 2014 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Research Specialist/Senior Research Specialist

Hiring Organization:
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Date Posted:

Position Description:
This position requires a highly motivated, detail oriented, and organized individual to work as part of a team of research specialists and pathologists to provide clinical diagnostic services and research support in the Clinical Pathology Laboratory
and Pathology Unit at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC). Clinical Pathology and Pathology services provide timely and accurate diagnostic testing in support of both clinical veterinary medicine and scientific research, as well as development of new techniques required to meet the needs of investigators and clinical veterinarians. The Unit works closely with investigators on various research projects, such as AIDS vaccine development, embryo transfer, reproductive health,
models of aging, models of neurodegenerative diseases and neurophysiology, and stem cell biology. The WNPRC also holds the service contract for the NIA nonhuman primate tissue bank. This is a repository of tissues primarily from aged nonhuman primates available for use in funded research on aging.

35% Clinical Pathology Diagnostic Testing
Primary duties include, but are not limited to: performing routine and STAT diagnostic testing on samples of nonhuman primate blood, feces, urine, and other samples. The successful applicant will work with the lab manager and staff to coordinate sample collection, processing and evaluation; record results in electronic health records; work with WNPRC IT to optimize data management and maintain databases for sample banks; participate in laboratory QA/QC programs; attend weekly morbidity and mortality rounds with pathology and clinical veterinary staff; and supervise and train students, externs, staff, and others.

35% Necropsy Support
Duties include, but are not limited to: scheduling, set up, and assisting the veterinary pathologists in performing necropsies, recording data, post-procedure cleaning, and packaging/processing tissue samples for transfer and/or shipment to
investigators. The successful applicant will participate in inventory control, tissue trimming, and basic histology. The successful applicant will provide assistance and support for the Nonhuman Primate Biological Materials Distribution Program (NHPBMD) including client communications and enrollment, creation of cost estimates, documentation of shipments, and creation of reports.

30% NIA Aging Primate Tissue Bank
Duties include but are not limited to: working with the principal investigator (PI), senior technicians, pathologists, and NIH/NIA staff to organize and distribute "tissue collection kits" to collaborating/submitting institutions; arrange for receipt of tissues from collaborating/submitting institutions; maintain an accurate and timely inventory of samples; record information in the NIA tissue bank inventory program; and process tissues for long term storage. The successful candidate will work with WNPRC pathologists to collect, process, and bank tissues from WNPRC animals; perform monthly billing; track and summarize financial transactions; generate reports for required NIA grant/contract progress reports; and work with the PI, NIH/NIA, and requesting institutions to fill tissue requests for research purposes.

Degree and area of specialization:
Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree from an accredited university in Biology, Medical Technology, Clinical Laboratory Science, Animal Sciences or related field with relevant experience; OR licensed veterinary technician with a BS or BA, or equivalent.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:
Two years experience in a research or clinical laboratory setting with nonhuman primate samples is preferred. Clinical pathology, and necropsy skills desired. Must be able to independently resolve issues and troubleshoot problems as well as work as an integral part of a team. High level of organizational and communication skills with excellent attention to detail and customer service is required. Must be comfortable working with Macintosh and PC computers and complex databases.

- Applicant must be comfortable working with nonhuman primates in a medical research setting and wearing various required personal protective equipment (PPE).

- Must be TB negative.

- Allergies to animals must be controlled by medication.

- Weekend, evening, and holiday work will be required. Applicant must be able to be on-call 1-2 evenings per week, every third weekend, and occasional holidays.

- On the job training will be provided. Training for the shipment of biologically and chemically hazardous materials is required and will also be provided.

- A criminal background check will be conducted prior to hiring.

- A period of evaluation will be required.

Minimum salary $31,784 Annual (12 months)
Depending on qualifications

Term of Appointment:
This is a renewable appointment

Application Deadline:
April 30, 2014

Contact Information:
Rachael Buss
1220 Capitol Court
Madison, WI 53715

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E-mail Address:

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