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Post-Doctoral Fellow, Primate Neuroscience and Neuro-Technology

Hiring Organization:
Massachusetts General Hospital

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Sensorimotor Integration Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital is seeking to fill a post-doctoral research position in systems neurophysiology working in non-human primate. The candidate is expected to work full-time on federally funded projects aimed at investigating the role of the cortex, striatum, and other sub-cortical structures in learning, memory, motivation, and executive function. The lab utilizes a variety of techniques, including electrophysiology, imaging, microstimulation, and electrochemistry. The PI is an active clinician-scientist and several of the projects have direct applications in neuro-therapeutics and neuro-technology development for human disease.

Strong preference will be given to applicants with prior experience in care, handling, and electrophysiologic research with non-human primates, particularly macaque. Excellent quantitative skills and proficiency in computer programming, particularly MATLAB, are required. Applicants should have an M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree with a focus on computational or experimental neuroscience. Applications from women and representatives of minority groups are encouraged.

Federal funding is available off multiple grants.

Contact Information:
Emad Eskandar, MA

E-mail Address:

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