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Research assistants “Behavioral ecology, physiology and patterns of parasitism of brown spider monkeys (Ateles hybridus)”

Hiring Organization:
Proyecto Primates Colombia

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Brown spider monkeys (Ateles hybridus) are considered to be among the 25 most endangered primate species worldwide, mainly due to habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and high hunting pressure. The general objective of this project is to evaluate how forest fragmentation affects the behavioral ecology, physiological stress (glucocorticoid) levels and patterns of parasitism of brown spider monkeys.
We are working at two different study sites: one is a small (65 ha) forest fragment that periodically floods and the other site is a larger and less intervened forest with very hilly terrain. We are looking for a total of 4 research assistants, two for each study site. Depending on experience and interest, candidates will be assigned to work at either of the two study sites. It would also be possible to collect data for a bachelor or Master thesis.

The basic responsibilities of the field assistants will be:
• Data collection on the behavioral ecology of brown spider monkeys in the Magdalena River Valley, Colombia
• Collection and processing of fecal samples and plant samples
• Reviewing camera traps
• Data entry
• Daily and monthly reports of activities undertaken

These positions do not require previous experience of working with wild primates. A strong background in biology, zoology, anthropology or a related field will be a plus. The successful candidates will be highly motivated, enthusiastic, and enjoy working independently and in a team. A high level of physical fitness is required to deal with the tropical climate and often very demanding field conditions. Previous experience with living under basic conditions in a remote place, experience with working in the tropics, (basic) Spanish skills, and experience with primates and botanical interest/knowledge are a plus.

No funding is available for a salary.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
We will cover all costs for the transportation within Colombia, food and lodging at the field station and we will provide all equipment needed for data collection.

Term of Appointment:
5 months minimum, starting Mid-March

Application Deadline:
Open until filled

Applicants are requested to send an updated CV, a letter of interest and names of 2-3 referees to,,

Contact Information:
Rebecca Rimbach
Göttingen 37073


E-mail Address:

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