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MSc in Biology, specialisation Anthropology, with opportunity for fieldwork on orang-utans

Educational Organization:
Anthropological Institute & Museum, University of Zurich, Schwitzerland

Date Posted:

Program Description:
The Anthropological Institute and Museum at UZH is offering a Master's degree program in Biology, specialisation Anthropology, focussing on fieldwork and experimental studies. Our group is interested in social and cultural evolution, development, and cognitive capacities of primates. Several research projects are conducted in Indonesia on Bornean and Sumatran orang-utans, in collaboration with Indonesian colleagues.

• Fieldwork on wild Bornean or Sumatran orang-utans: Typically observational studies of orang-utans’ behaviour in their natural swamp forest habitat. Students will spend ca. 6 months in the field, not only collecting data for their master thesis, but also contributing data to the long-term data on behaviour, development and social organization. For more information please check our website
• Experimental studies with sanctuary-living Bornean and Sumatran orang-utans: Master students may join an investigation of the cognitive processes of orang-utans. In this study orang-utans are presented with non-invasive behavioural tasks addressing the intellectual performances such as learning ability, inhibitory control and other cognitive abilities. Students will spend 3-5 months in different sanctuaries in Indonesia, conducting cognitive studies with different experimental design.

For further information contact Dr. Maria van Noordwijk (field projects: of Laura Damerius (experimental projects:

Entrance Qualifications:
An undergraduate degree/Bachelor in biology or anthropology is required. Since primate research in Indonesia can be very demanding, we are looking for students that can manage extreme tropical conditions, appreciate cultural differences and are willing to live in simple conditions.

Application Deadline:
Application for admission to the Master’s programme should be made directly at the university. Please note that students with a foreign (non-Swiss) Bachelor’s degree should apply as early as possible (deadline for students with a European degree: end of May for fall semester 2014).

more info:

Contact Information:
Dr. Maria van Noordwijk, Laura Damerius
Winterthurerstrasse 190
Zurich, none 8057

Telephone Number:
+41 635 5887


E-Mail Address:

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