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Basic Primatology Diploma (distance learning)

Educational Organization:
Primate Education

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Program Description:
Basic Primatology Diploma (Study level 2)

This course is a distance learning course.

It equips the student with a basic grounding in primatology. It is ideal for anyone with no previous knowledge, wanting to start a career with primates, go on to further study, or just simply those with a keen interest. It covers primate taxonomy, behaviour and appearance.

The basic primatology diploma comprises the following 6 modules:

1. What is a primate? This module discusses the definition of a primate and looks at the subdivision of primates into different categories i.e. prosimians, Old World monkeys, New World monkeys and apes. It examines the different characteristics that the groupings share and introduces relevant topics such as primate activity patterns, locomotion, reproduction, communication and dietary categories.

2. Apes. This module looks at apes - what is a great ape, what is a lesser ape, what differentiates them from monkeys, where they live, as well as their social structures and behaviour.

3. Old World Monkeys. This module examines the difference between Old World and New World monkeys, why this division exists and what characteristics Old World monkeys share with each other.

4. New World Monkeys. This module covers the difference between New World monkeys and Old World. It also examines the division of New World monkeys into further groupings and the characteristics shared within the groupings.

5. Prosimians. This course introduces strepsirrhini, or prosimians. It looks at the species which make up this grouping and the divisions in which they are placed. It also examines their characteristics and behaviour.

6. Taxonomy. This course is an introduction to taxonomy. It looks at the complications of taxonomy whilst examining the classifications of primates.

Entrance Qualifications:
No prerequisites

Tuition / Fees:

Contact Information:
Leona Hartland, none
United Kingdom


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