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ATTENTION: This job expired Aug. 28, 2013 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Commuting Volunteer Caregiver

Hiring Organization:
Gibbon Conservation Center

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Animal care (observing captive gibbons, preparing their food, changing water, cleaning enclosures) and maintenance of the facilities and grounds, including brush clearance. May also include clerical and computer work.

Signed Liability Release and required medical clearances. We will provide a full list of medical clearances needed (includes blood tests, fecal tests, immunizations etc.)

Must have 20 hours of previous GCC volunteering in order to apply. Must commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week. It typically takes 30 – 40 hours of training before trainees are able work independently.

Volunteer must love animals, get along with a variety of people, and be able to follow and remember precise procedures that are mandated by law and our own goals of cleanliness, gibbon welfare, and safety for people and gibbons.


Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):

Term of Appointment:
4 hours/week minimum

Application Deadline:
none--position runs all year

The Gibbon Conservation Center (GCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of gibbons by promoting public education, supporting habitat preservation, furthering study and advancing care practices. The GCC houses the rarest group of apes in the Western Hemisphere and it is the only institution in the world to house and breed all four genera of gibbon.

Contact Information:
Gabi Skollar-Charnofsky
PO Box 800249
Santa Clarita, CA 91380

Telephone Number:


E-mail Address:

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