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Primate Research Assistant

Hiring Organization:
Act To Protect

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Do you want to work in wildlife conservation? Live in the middle of an amazing national park? Lifupa Conservation Lodge is beautifully situated in the middle of Kasungu National Park (KNP) in Malawi. Like many other parks in Malawi and all over Africa, Kasungu NP has been struggling with deforestation, poachers and other threats. Lifupa and Act to Protect joined forces to protect the park and work on education, creating other sources of income etc. We invite you to come to a life changing experience and work with us to make a difference!

We have an exciting new project going on. The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LLWC) has released 25 baboons. All the animals have been rescued from inside Malawi and are indigenous to Malawi. They will get the chance to live in the wild again while restocking the park. The guiding principles for the project will be the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Guidelines for the Reintroduction of Non-Human Primates. While adopting a scientific approach to such a scheme, the LLWC will also be the first wildlife sanctuary to attempt to measure, establish and compare the welfare status of the release stock pre and post release. Another part of the research focuses on habitat use. If you want to act, make friends and have an enjoyable time in stunning nature, we are inviting you to join the research team. We also offer you the opportunity to transfer your knowledge and skills and exchange ideas in your own work field.

For this project we are looking for someone to assist with data collection and entering the collected data in a computer for later analyses. The major work consists of daily walks in the bush following focal individuals of the release troop, and collecting behavioural and habitat data. It also includes monitoring the whole group to check if all baboons are keeping up and staying healthy. Be prepared to work long hot or rainy days that might be physically tough and are out in the bush without western comforts. This does mean you will spend your days in the middle of nature, getting to know the baboons with their different characters.
It will be a challenging but rewarding voluntary temporary job. You’ll work together with the research team and you’ll answer directly to the primate release manager. Because it will take some time to get to know the baboons and the research, we are looking for someone who can stay at least for three months.

We expect you to be social and flexible and able to work in a small team, with which you will have intensive contact. We would like you to work with enthusiasm and be dedicated to our baboons.
Essential requirements are: (1) MSc level (2) experience in behavioural data collection or strong knowledge of African woodland (3) Be accurate, conscientious and reliable (4) above average physical fitness, (5) above average resistance to social/psychological stress and a sense of humour (6) Candidates must be able to work independently and have strong motivation to take on responsibility.
Other useful experience: knowledge of primate behaviour, field work experience, preferably in an African country.

This is a volunteer position. See for conditions underneath (support).

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
You will stay at the beautiful Lifupa Lodge and get three lovely meals a day for 500 euro per month. Except your monthly contribution to housing and food, we also ask you to raise funds to support the project you are working on. This money will be spent in consultation with you.

Term of Appointment:
Minimum term of appointment is three months

Application Deadline:

Please sent your application letter with CV to Remke Lasance

Contact Information:
Remke Lasance


E-mail Address:

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