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PhD position -- fungi study

Hiring Organization:
Masaryk University

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Strictly anaerobic fungi of the class
Neocallimastigomycetes play an important role in the rumen/intestine by
physically and enzymatically attacking the fibrous plant material ingested
by the animal. By breaking down cellulose and hemi-cellulose, anaerobic
fungi deliver readily accessible nutrients, short chain acids, to their
host, and large amounts of reducing equivalents in the form of hydrogen
(H2) to the bacterial and archaeal communities. The initial attack by
fungi on plant fiber appears to facilitate a more rapid breakdown than by
fibrolytic bacteria. Anaerobic fungi may therefore be very important even
for primates whose diet is rich in fiber. To date, no information exist
about the presence of these fungi in primates and even our knowledge about
these fungi in hind-gut fermentors is scarce. However our exclusive pilot
data indicate that Neocallimastigomycetes are common in herbivorous
primates. Using up-to date methods (Clone library of ITS PCR products, NGS) the student will study diversity of Neocallimastigomycetes in primates focusing on great apes, especially western lowland gorillas, in both wild and captivity. The effect of diet will be assessed. Field work on wild apes in Africa planned.

We are seeking for a suitable candidate who accomplished
MSc in biology and has at least basic background in molecular biology, no
previous experience in primate ecology needed.

stipend and salary available

Application Deadline:
ideally end of April 2013, can be later

Contact Information:
Klara J.Petrzelkova, Ph.D.
Kvetna 8
Brno CZ-603 65
Czech Republic

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E-mail Address:

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