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PhD position -- health assessment tools

Hiring Organization:
Masaryk University

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The spectrum of non-invasive tools for distant evaluation of health status includes behavioral health monitoring, enabling assessment of an animal's condition by indicating various stressors manifesting in particular behavioral phenotypes. Clinical signs of health impairment can be rare or difficult to observe in the wild. However, novel analytical tools that are capable of measuring complexity in behavioral sequences, such as fractal analyses, have recently been applied to detect subtle variations in observed behavior. Various studies have used this approach as an objective behavioral measure to distinguish animals in pathological states. Thus, the PhD student will explore possible clinical outcomes of gastrointestinal parasite infections, through analysis of behavioral organization, e.g. the sequential distribution of activities across time, focusing on fractal analysis, with the prediction that increasing intensity of infection should lead to reduction in the complexity of host behavior. We will focus on (i) strongylid infections in wild western lowland gorillas and (ii) selected protist infections in laboratory rodents. Using animal focal sampling, the student will record the onset and end of all behavioral sequences in wild habituated gorillas. A complementary laboratory component will include analysis of the behavior of rodents collected via automated video data recorders in their enclosures. Fecal samples will be analyzed using standard coproscopic methods and coupled with parasite quantification. Analysis of behavioral organization will be conducted using various contributed packages in R, as well as other software platforms. Subsequently, several generalized linear mixed models will be developed to examine coefficients of behavioral organization in relation to parasite infection, while controlling for various other factors.

We are seeking a motivated student with a fair statistical or otherwise mathematical/behavioral modeling background and at least basic knowledge in parasitology. No previous experience with primates requested.

stipend and salary available

Term of Appointment:
October 2013

Application Deadline:
ideally end of April 2013, can be later

Contact Information:
Mgr. Klara J.Petrzelkova, Ph.D.
Kvetna 8
Brno CZ-603 65
Czech Republic

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