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Veterinarian for a 2 years contract

Hiring Organization:
Chimpanzee Conservation Center

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés (CCC) is a sanctuary established in 1997 to address increasing emergency situations in chimpanzee populations. Located in Upper Guinea in the National Park of Upper Niger, CCC has three major goals:

- Rescue orphaned chimpanzees confiscated by the Guinean government, give them the best possible living conditions and rehabilitate them for a return to the wild when possible.
- Release of the chosen chimpanzees after a long rehabilitation process so that they may return to the wild – a life they never should have had to leave.
- Educate the local people about the threat of extinction of these chimpanzees as a means to fight against illegal trafficking.

We are looking for an enthousiast vet willing to work with us and motivated by the project.

Your work will include:
- Daily monitoring of the chimpanzees’ health in close collaboration with the local keepers and management team
- Participation in any chimpanzee rescue led by the government authorities if necessary
- Taking care of newly arrived chimpanzees: first assessment of health status, first treatment, implementation of a nutrition plan if necessary, collection samples for health check etc.
- Making sure the quarantine protocol is respected and followed for each individual in quarantine; conducting the health checks during the quarantine and conducting all the required tests (tuberculosis, blood sampling for diseases screening, faecal screening, etc.)
- Conducting any basic laboratory analysis if and when necessary (simple laboratory equipment on site but the vet will need to develop this aspect)
- Monthly faecal examinations and deworming when necessary (chimpanzees, staff, volunteers and cats )
- Monthly records of dental health and development plus body weight for the youngest chimpanzees
- Maintaining the chimpanzees’ medical reports and records on a regular basis; making hard copies
- Taking care of the vet-room, cleaning, monitoring stock of drugs/medical supplies and vet equipment and report needs to management
- Training of a local vet who will be recruited with the help of the vet
- Contributing to the basic veterinarian training of the local keepers (basic general examination, assistance during anaesthesia, preparation of darts and darting techniques, basic medical techniques, etc.)
- Making sure all the staff (local and expatriate) follows and respects the hygiene and quarantine procedures and standards
- Taking care of staff health for simple and minor medical issues, keeping up the staff medical records
- When needed and asked by the manager, go to the release site (e.g. To check a released chimpanzee, change collars, or simply spend time there as all other volunteers)

- We need somebody who speaks French fluently to be able to work with the local team and train a local counterpart
- Previous practical experience of at least a year – with wild animals and/or primates is a plus!
- Excellent knowledge of basic laboratory techniques in coprology, haematology, etc. as the Centre is very remote and we want to develop our ability of on-site diagnostic
- Willing and enthusiast to train a Guinean counterpart
- Previous experience in Africa is a plus
- Excellent physical and mental conditions required
- Ability to live in a very remote isolated place in a small community

A $500/month stipend will be provided after a 3 months trial period.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
A flight will be covered during the 2 years contract. The visa fees will be covered.
Meals (vegeterian) and lodging are provided

Application Deadline:
As soon as possible

To apply:
Please send your CV, a cover letter written in French, 2 letters of reference and a copy of your diploma to

Contact Information:
Project Primate, Inc.
2032 Belmont Rd., NW, #520
Washington, DC 20009


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