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Conservation Logistics Coordinator

Hiring Organization:
Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program (BBPP) is part of an academic partnership between Drexel University/The Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia, PA) and the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial ("UNGE," Malabo, Equatorial Guinea). Our mission is the conservation of Bioko Island's biodiversity, with specific focus on its critically endangered primates, through the development of a multifaceted research program, community outreach, and educational programs that demonstrate the greater value of wildlife alive rather than dead as bushmeat.

The BBPP is seeking a qualified individual to oversee and assist in logistics and day-to-day operations of the Moka Wildlife Center (MWC). The logistics coordinator will be expected to live at the MWC in the village of Moka on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

Your overall mission would be to support the ongoing education, research, and conservation initiatives of our core research team and act as an on-island representative and ambassador, while assuming a lead role in sustaining/supporting our efforts and management of our field station in Moka. You will gain practical experience in operations, logistics, and on-the-ground planning for a multi-faceted conservation program.

Major Responsibilities of MWC Logistics Coordinator:
~ Facilitate overall MWC operations with two BBPP local employees:
• UNGE-designated (Spanish and English speaking) MWC Manager who directs most of the day-to-day management of the MWC, including support for research initiatives, maintenance of facilities, and training programs.
• BBPP-hired live-in watchman, who is in turn responsible for guarding the MWC and for assisting with basic maintenance and improvement projects at the MWC.
~ Serve as the central logistics coordinator for all MWC operations.
~ Serve as the BBPP presence at the MWC:
• Assist/advise the implementation of field station maintenance/improvements, greet visitors, and plan activities that encourage the protection of Bioko Island's wildlife. Overall, enhance the reputation and on-island presence of BBPP within the broader community.
~ Provide logistical support for the BBPP research team and study abroad program:
• The logistics coordinator plays a major role in planning and supporting research expeditions and assisting visiting scientists with their work. The coordinator also works closely with our study abroad director (based in Malabo) to supervise and plan programs for the students and interns of Drexel University's BBPP-sponsored study abroad program.
~ Live at the Moka Wildlife Center and drive (1.5 hr; 50 mi) to Malabo (BBPP vehicle; current US driver's license required) for meetings approximately twice per month.
~ Report to the BBPP Program Coordinator (based in Malabo).
~ Produce a monthly report along with the BBPP-manager to summarize all major activities, accomplishments, and progress on various BBPP/MWC initiatives.
~ Outreach/Education/Media Development
• When possible and feasible, help to design and disseminate educational and promotional materials highlighting BBPP, its mission, and its ongoing work.

~ Spanish language ability: Spanish is the national language of Equatorial Guinea, although many local people also speak some French.
~ Ability to multi-task: manage multiple projects and duties efficiently and in collaboration with other on-island staff.
~ Ability to drive a standard transmission vehicle, and a valid license.
~ Preparation of monthly progress reports: this requires excellent organizational and record-keeping skills to assimilate information about project(s) status, MWC maintenance/safety updates, local community relations/events, and overall status of the program at MWC.
Act as a liaison between on-island staff and US-based staff in Philadelphia, PA.
~ Physical fitness and a positive attitude towards physically exhausting work in a hot and humid climate. Applicants should be prepared to work in an environment/atmosphere that can often be extremely demanding, both physically and mentally.
~ Experience in remote locations in developing countries.
~ Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to multi-task.
~ Undergraduate degree or higher in biology, ecology, conservation, international studies, African studies, or related fields (most fields considered if applicant has a strong interest in ecology and/or conservation work).
~ Prior field experience in biology, ecology or related disciplines (preferred but not required).

Monthly stipend of $100 (to be paid in the local currency).

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Drexel University/BBPP will provide the following:
~ Room & board at the field station in Moka (and in Malabo during business-related trips).
~ Use of the BBPP vehicle for BBPP business or sanctioned activities; maintenance and fuel costs included.
~ Cell phone with modest monthly cell phone use.
~ Free satellite internet access at MWC, with the understanding that internet service in Moka can be intermittent.
~ Monthly stipend of $100 (to be paid in the local currency).
~ Reimbursement of airfare (up to $2,000) from home city to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea upon successful completion of contract.

Term of Appointment:
Start date is flexible, but preferably as soon as possible. the position will run for 6 months from the start date.

Application Deadline:
March 30, 2013 or until the position fills.

For more information about our organization, please visit our website, or the Hearn Lab website in the Drexel University Biology Department.
Please send a cover letter, CV and contact information for 3 references to Dr. Gail Hearn,

Contact Information:
Gail W. Hearn
3245 Chestnut St., PISB #320
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Telephone Number:
215 895 1476

Fax Number:
215 895 1273


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