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ATTENTION: This job expired May. 31, 2013 and is no longer linked from the job list. If you are the job poster and would like to renew the listing, please access it through "My Job Listings" (available when logged in only).

Field study on bald-faced saki monkeys in Peru

Hiring Organization:
The Ohio State University

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Field assistants will be assisting researchers in an investigation of predator-prey dynamics between bald-faced saki monkeys (Pithecia irrorata) and felid predators in southeastern Peru. Assistants will work on monitoring behavior, communication, and ecology of saki monkeys and felids. The cost to attend the program at CICRA is $1500/month, for a minimum of two months.

Specific tasks that volunteers participate in are:
1. Surveys of motion-detecting camera traps
2. Daily follows of individual monkey groups

3. Behavioral observations during follows

4. Positional data recording (GPS) on ranging patterns of groups

5. Habitat quality assessments
6. Radio telemetry of collared ocelots (and potentially other felid species)

This is a great opportunity for students interested in graduate programs in biology, conservation, ecology or anthropology. You will learn how to locate saki monkeys, record behavioral data, evaluate habitats, identify and track ocelots by radio telemetry, and learn to survive in the rainforest. This project is unique in that it involves more than just observations of primate behavior. On-site training will take about 1 month.

A minimum of a 2-month commitment is required. We are accepting volunteers on a rolling basis for these positions.

Fill out the application at and have a recommendation letter from a reliable reference sent via email to within 2 weeks of completing the online application. All letters must come directly from the reference and not from the applicant, via email to the address above.

Decisions will be made quickly and on a rolling basis, beginning right away.

A detailed job description can be found here:

Ideally, volunteers should have past experience working or living in a tropical country, preferably in South America. More importantly, a background in science that allows you to understand the scientific method, basic research terminology, and maintenance of data records is vital. We have trained many students with no previous experience in field work and look for other characteristics to hire qualified volunteers.

The qualifications we are looking for in a research assistant are:
1. Degree or expected degree in a life science or anthropology

2. Knowledge of at least basic Spanish

3. Good physical and mental health

4. Ability to hike long distances (>6 miles) in a day

5. Ability to carry a moderately heavy pack

6. Cheerful, optimistic approach to work

7. Ability to be independent of family and friends for extended periods

8. Commitment to the project during days of work (6 days a week)

9. Ability to work with Microsoft Office and Excel for data entry/backup

10. No fear of snakes, insects, etc.

There is no salary or funding provided to first-time volunteers.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
The costs of the project include meals and lodging, but travel to the sites is outside of the project costs. A breakdown of travel costs are on the website.

Term of Appointment:
July to December 2013, 2 month minimum commitment

Application Deadline:
Rolling - we're accepting applications now for at least 2 positions

Once the field positions are filled, the application will go offline. So feel free to email us with questions if you have any and get applications completed as soon as you can.

Contact Information:
Dara Adams - Department of Anthropology


E-mail Address:

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