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Veterinary Assistant

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Veterinary Assistant

Educational Background:
Cuba, 2000-2006, DVMZ (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics)
• Annual attendance of APV (non member) & AALAS (Member) meetings.

• Assistant to the local government veterinary programs.

• Facilitate the development and functioning of Ross University VIDA organization.

• St.Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network.

• St.Kitts Cuban Alumni Association membership outreach programs including youth empowerment to/and meet the basic needs of senior and other vulnerable citizens in our communities.


• Biomedical Research Assistant, St.Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation (SKBRF). 1996-2000.
- Data collection and analysis of research data.
- Anesthesiologist and surgical assistant.

• Veterinary Assistant, SKBRF. July-August, 2000-2005.
- Assist veterinarian with clinical procedures.
- Organization of daily routine care procedures for animal care staff.
- Anesthesiologist and surgical assistant.

• Veterinary Assistant, Santiago Zoo, Cuba. 2004-2006.
- Assist veterinarian with clinical procedures for zoo animals.
- Assist in the development and design of environmental enrichment project for species facing unique challenges.

• Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Services of Bayamo, Granma, Cuba. 2004-2006.
- Assist veterinarian with general clinical procedures.

• Clinical Veterinarian. 2006 to present. SKBRF.

- Facilitate the maintenance of the veterinary care program, which includes and is not limited to training of research and animal care staff.
- Guarantee the implementation and compliance of APV (American Primate Veterinarian) and AALAC (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science) guidelines.

• Veterinary Emergency and Clinical Care Clinic, Panama. August 2010.

• Veterinarian.
- Pets n’ Pals mobile practice that provides veterinary care for pets and small animals.

Application Deadline:
May 2013

Contact Information:
Ricaldo Pike
P.O.Box 2289
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

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