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Primatology, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Field School

Educational Organization:
Rutgers University

Date Posted:

Program Description:
The Primatology, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Field School (PWEC) offers its participants a unique opportunity to learn about wildlife
biodiversity across a range of diverse East African habitats. Two features separate this field school from any other, in Africa or the rest of the world:

- A strong focus on primate field studies. Participants will observe and collect data on 10 primate species, including some of the most endangered species on earth.

- The exploration of a variety of habitats. Students will discover and conduct research in environments ranging from the mangroves on the Indian Ocean, to the dry savannas of the Laikipia plateau, to the riverine forest along the Tana River. This provides an unparalleled breadth of experience.

In addition to the scientific component, student will also be exposed to specific conservation problems, current debates, and emerging innovative solutions that are contextually and culturally different than any they will find elsewhere.

This year, the already successful and well-established program has been renewed and revised, expanding the syllabus and incorporating additional areas of expertise thanks to two new hires.

Based on the experience of past students, this summer course will be thoroughly enjoyable, will help you understand which aspects of field work and primatology (or ecology) you want to pursue in your careers, and will open doors to high-profile research groups and graduate programs.

For more information, please contact Dr. Luca Morino( or visit:

Entrance Qualifications:
This field school is ideal for undergraduate or early graduate students interested in conducting field work in the areas of primatology, ecology, animal behavior, conservation. The only requirements are an interest in the subjects, reasonable physical conditions and some patience and flexibility.

Tuition / Fees:
The Program fee will include tuition, most fees, housing, excursions, food, and basic medical insurance. Please visit the webpage listed below for additional information.

Support (scholarships, travel):
Please visit the webpage listed below for information on available

Start + End Dates:
1-27 August, 2013

Application Deadline:
April 1, 2013

Contact Information:
Luca Morino
131 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901


E-Mail Address:

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