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Studies of primate behavior and conservation

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Position Description:
I would to work with Primate in laboratory or also in our habitat for studying their behavior and for improving their conservation status.

Educational Background:
IN PROGRESS: Collaboration with the Global Mammal Assessment Program laboratory (Sapienza University) for the scientific paper stemmed from my Msc thesis.

-December 2012: Professional qualification as biologist (National Council of Biologists)
-June 2012: Msc degree (mark 110/110) in Ecobiology, Sapienza University of Rome. Thesis in Conservation Biology: “Global trend of extinction risk in Carnivores and Ungulates since ’70s to present”. Supervisors: Dr. Carlo Rondinini and Dr. Moreno Di Marco (Global Mammal Assessment Program)
-July 2009: Bsc degree in Biological Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome. Thesis: “Ecology of Hemiptera and Coleoptera in temporary and permanent ponds of central Italy”. Supervisor: Prof. Marcello Bazzanti

-February 2012: Visitor’s guide course at the Zoo of Rome
-November 2011: Course for scientific entertainers at the Zoo of Rome
-Ottobre 2009: Course in “Research methods and monitoring of marine vertebrates”, Tuscia University (Viterbo)
-September 2009-May 2010: Volunteering in a research project on monitoring of cetacean and sea turtles in Filicudi Island (Messina) with the Soc. Coop. "Monitoring of natural resources"
-Dicembre 2007: Europass Mobility Diploma for the attendance to the European project “Leonardo Da Vinci- Marco Polo”. For this project, I worked for the environmental education association “El Ecolocal” of Seville (Spain)


Application Deadline:
May 2013

Contact Information:
Angela Iacucci
Via Giuseppe Candeo
Rome 00154

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