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Biology, Ecology, Primatology, Species Conservation Reintroduction

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Position Description:
I'd like to work as a research assistant, project manager, or as a field coordinator or projects in the fields of biology, environment, ecology, primatology, conservation of species, conservation of biodiversity, etc.

I'm really interested in projects to protect species and their reintroduction. I like working in the field within a team.

Even though I live in Belgium, I am interested in working abroad for missions of several months to one year on the field in Africa, Europe, South America, and North America.
I speak French (mother tongue), English, and Spanish. I can quickly adapt myself to living conditions and climate disruptions. I am very motivated, friendly and I like learning.

Educational Background:
- 2011-2012 : Master in Management, LSM-Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium). Master thesis : Biodiversity conservation and monetarisation within firms, study case : GlaxoSmithKline and its Réseau Nature grounds.

- 2009-2011 : Master in Organism Biology and Ecology , Ecole de Biologie, UCL Belgium. Master thesis : Habitat quality in anthropics environments : the nutritive resources importance for a migratory passerine bird, Lanius collurio.

- 2010 : Biotechnician certificate in laboratory animals sciences, FUNDP (Belgium)

- 2005-2009 : Bachelor in Biological Sciences, UCL

- Feb-June 2011 : Research internship, Proyecto Primates Ecuador (4 months)PUYO, ECUADOR
Subject: Behavior study of a Lagothrix lagotricha group in semi-wild

Adapting to lifestyles and field experiences.
Decision making and implementation of the research protocol based lifestyle primates in semi-wild. Implementation of a behavioral study.

- July 2010 : Ornithology internship (during the master thesis, 2 weeks) MICHAMPS, BELGIUM

Lanius collurio recognition, search for nests, individuals catches, measures and ringing. Identification and morphometry of arthropods consumed by L.collurio.

- May 2010 :Terrestrial ecology internship (1 week)BRÉSIMO, ITALY

Teamwork, development of a protocol, butterflies catches and measures at different altitudes.

- October 2009 : Fresh water ecology internship (1 wwek) JURA, FRANCE

Teamwork, development of a protocol in the field of ichthyology

- July 2008 : Professional immersion internship in a turtle center, "A Cupulatta la Cité des Tortues" CORSE, FRANCE (2 weeks)

Feeding, maintaining farming conditions, to ensure the growth, well-being and health of individuals.

- April 2008 : Marine Biology internship (1 week)WIMMEREUX, FRANCE

Teamwork, various measures of predator-prey relationships

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Contact Information:
Alice Martinage

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