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Conservation Research Programme - Lemur Monitoring

Hiring Organization:
Volunteer 4 Africa

Date Posted:

Position Description:
This project focuses on conservation research, community-based conservation, education and outreach. The project is looking for volunteers for the monitoring of several lemur species as well as a grassroots reforestation effort. Volunteers participating in the lemur monitoring programmes will work with local field assistants to collect lemur behavioural data, diet preferences, home range and social interaction observations. This monitoring will aid in determining the populations' genetic health and habitat management. Volunteers involved with the reforestation effort will work closely with locally-hired nursery staff and participating community members. The goal of this component is to inspire and empower community members to become the leaders and stewards in the sustainable protection of natural resources.

This project provides a one-of-kind opportunity for volunteers to gain knowledge in endangered species protection. Volunteers will acquire skills and work experience needed for behavioural studies, scientific data collection, horticultural expertise, and personnel management. Volunteers will also be immersed in local culture while working with local guides, staff and community members.

There is no cost to participate and volunteers just need to take along basic field equipment (e.g. 2-person tent, sleeping mat, rain gear, work clothes, etc). Food, in-country travel costs and permit fees are covered.

Preference for candidates with field research experience and at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Term of Appointment:
Volunteer recruitment occurs as needed, usually at least twice a year

Please visit the Volunter 4 Africa website to find out what you need to do in order to apply.

Contact Information:
Stephen Knight
PO Box 6945
London, none W1A 6US
United Kingdom

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