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evolutionary, primatology, behaviour, morphology, Mating patterns

Date Posted:

Position Description:
A Short term internship lasting for a maximum of 2 months. I am looking for a position where I can collect raw data, or conduct research into a topic that I would be able to use to build my dissertation, which I am required to write in my 3rd year.

I am very interested in both primate morphology and behaviour. My particular interest is where morphology is effected by behaviour, and vise versa.

I am ideally looking for a placement that I can undertake with a colleague on my anthropology course at Durham University.

Educational Background:
I am a second year Anthropology student at Durham University. At the end of my 3rd year I will achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree, and am on track to achieve a 2:1. I am currently considering taking a masters course in Anthropology after my degree. I completed my GCSE's and 4 A-levels at North London collegiate School: Mathematics (in which I achieved an A), Biology (A), English Literature (B), and Philosophy of religion (C). After completing my A-levels, I took a course in cultural anthropology at Yale University in Connecticut, and I worked as a Data Input Administrator in A GP Surgery for 4 months, where I quickly mastered the computer filing system. Through my time at university I feel I have developed and matured on a personal level. I am part of a group conducting ecological research around Durham city, to gain experience collecting raw data outside of lectures and seminars. One of my modules also requires that I test a dataset for my own composed hypotheses and present my findings in the format of a research paper. In the same module I am required to carry out a short ethnographic study, and present it in a similar fashion.

After completing my A-levels, I Travelled to Tanzania, where I taught English in Ikwiriri (near the Rufiji River delta) for 4 months, before travelling in the surrounding regions for 1 month. In preparation for this I attended a one week teaching course in 'Saxoncourt UK Teacher Training' in December 2010, which focused specifically on teaching a foreign language. The experience allowed me to become very familiar with Culture in East Africa and learn basic swahili, and both assets mean I am able and willing to adapt very quickly to a field work environment, especially in a similar region.

Application Deadline:
August 2013

Contact Information:
Sophie Kirklin
13 Summerville
London NW3 6UT
United Kingdom

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